Gwen watches as Chad chugs champagne on Days of Our Lives
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Maggie finds Philip with his NYE tickets in the Kiriakis living room. When he relays he doesn’t have a date, Maggie encourages him to go stag.

At Basic Black, Brady assures Chloe they’d be going to the DiMera party just as friends, so no need to worry about Kristen’s reaction. He thinks they both deserve a little fun. She agrees.

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Will and Jennifer with Christmas presents on Days of Our Lives

At Doug and Julie’s, Jennifer looks at the hourglass Jack gave her as someone knocks on the door. She eagerly opens it to Will, who thinks she was hoping he was someone else. She admits it, but still, it’s nice to see him. He gives her some gifts and relays how sorry he is about Jake and Kate. Jennifer’s confused over what to do about her marriage. Will understands, but says if she wants it back, there’s nothing stopping her.

Will returns home and tells Maggie he’s leaving the next day. They talk about Sonny, who Will was hoping to be with on New Year’s Eve. Maggie brings him a laptop to video chat with his husband. Will connects with Sonny online and they laugh over Will letting Maggie think their video chatting, which they do every day, was her idea. Sonny shows Will his New Year’s resolution box from years past that involves their relationship. When he pulls out the one for this year, Sonny teases he’ll tell Will what it says next year.

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Will video chats with Sonny on Days of Our Lives

In her room, Gwen makes Chad think Jake bought her bracelet for Abigail. She also lies that she found Jake and Abigail kissing, but he asked her to keep quiet about it. She insists she didn’t tell Chad because she didn’t want to be responsible for breaking up his marriage. Chad says, “I’m going to kill him,” as he storms out.

In the main Kiriakis room, Jack updates Kate on his status with Jennifer. Though she mocks his gift of an hourglass, she thinks there’s hope considering Jennifer accepted it. Jack can’t be sure she didn’t throw it away like she threw away their marriage. After more discussion, Jack throws back his drink. He just wants to go to the party and pretend like his life doesn’t suck.

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Phiip finds Brady and Chloe at the NYE party on Days of Our Lives

At the Kiriakis party, Abigail lays out her evidence to Jake regarding him and Kate sleeping together. She asks him to confirm or deny the allegation. He confirms, but wonders what’s it to her. Brady and Chloe arrive, shocked to see how much Jake looks like Stefan. Brady thinks they should be used to this kind of stuff by now. As Brady and Chloe sit at a table, Abigail presses Jake for the details on him and Kate. Though Jake protests, Abigail wants to tell Chad, considering he thinks she’s the one Jake is sleeping with. Jake follows her as she heads home.

Philip arrives at the party and chats up Chloe, who is sitting by herself. He’s dismayed when Brady returns with their drinks. Philip wonders how Kristen would feel about Brady being out on the town while she’s behind bars. Brady defends being out with a friend, leaving Philip to sulk. Chad and Gwen enter. He beelines it to Brady and Chloe to ask about Abby. They tell him she just left with Jake. At the bar, Gwen tells Chad she overheard Abigail booking a room at the Salem Inn. Chad furiously downs a glass of champagne and storms away, as Gwen smirks.

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Jack appeals to Jennifer on New Year's Eve on Days of Our Lives

Jennifer shows up at the party and sees Jack with Kate. Jack runs over, assuring his wife he and Kate just drove together. He tells her how beautiful she looks. She says she wasn’t going to come, but she doesn’t want to lose any more time with him. It’s a new year. Maybe it could be a new beginning for them. She forgives him.

When Jake and Abigail don’t find Chad at the mansion, Jake heads back to the party to warn Kate.

Back at the party, Philip sees his mother drinking a martini. Neither one expected to be alone tonight. Jake returns and motions for Kate to meet him on the terrace. She joins him as the clock turns midnight.

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Chad and Gwen kiss on Days of Our Lives

Chad and Gwen show up at Abby’s hotel room, which has a rose petal heart on the bed. Chad leaves his phone on the desk to search the room, leaving Gwen to ignore a call on it from Abigail. Chad grabs a bottle of champagne to drink while he waits for Jake and Abigail to show up.

Jack and Jennifer in a close New Year's Eve moment on Days of Our Lives

At the stroke of midnight, Jack and Jennifer kiss, as Brady and Chloe share a friendly peck, which Philip witnesses. On the terrace, Jake and Kate smooch under fireworks. Meanwhile, Sonny and Will virtually toast to each other, while Gwen kisses a drunk Chad at the hotel. After Gwen pulls back from the kiss, Chad leans in for a more passionate make out.

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