Jake and Kate close moment on Days of Our Lives
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When Philip returns Chloe’s hat at Basic Black, she convinces him to let them rent Titan’s warehouses. He can’t say no to her, so they shake on it. As a token of her appreciation, she offers him her tickets to the DiMera New Year’s Eve party. She’s not going and thought he might like to. He says, “Chloe, are you asking me on a date?” She reiterates she’s not going so he can have both her tickets. She assumes he and Sarah are a thing and suggests he take her. Philip accepts them and asks if she has holiday plans. She doesn’t. He hopes it’s a great new year for both of them.

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Chloe and Philip shake hands on Days of Our Lives

Over the phone from the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah tells Xander she’s downloading Philip’s files as they speak. He hopes it gives them what they need to expose Philip so they can spend New Year’s together. After hanging up, Brady catches Sarah, but she explains her sketchy actions away. She then vehemently defends Xander when Brady badmouths him. After he leaves, Sarah gets back to the business of stealing Philip’s files.

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Philip confronts Sarah at Kiriakis mansion on Days of Our Lives

When Philip returns home, he invites Sarah to the party. She declines because she’s not ready to date anyone and doesn’t see it happening between them. He understands. Sarah thinks Philip still has time to find someone to use that ticket.

Brady returns to Basic Black and finds Chloe. They commiserate over working instead of celebrating the holiday. Brady points out he still has his tickets to the DiMera party. “Why don’t we go together,” he says.

Xander gives Jack advice on Days of Our Lives

Xander enters Brady’s Pub to see a sad-looking Jack. He says, “Why so glum, chum?” Jack responds that it’s New Year’s Eve and he’s not spending it with his wife. Xander is delighted when he hears Jack had an affair with Kate, but thinks Jennifer should understand considering she was in a coma. When Jack remains defeated, Xander encourages his new pal not to give up on his wife.

Xander finds Sarah on his bed when he enters his room. She holds up the flash drive and says, “Happy New Year, Xander.”

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Sarah shows Xander a flashdrive on Days of Our Lives

Abby brings a dress to Jennifer at the Horton House so she can come to the DiMera party. Jennifer is wary considering Jack will be there. She explains her belief that he and Kate are still sleeping together. Abigail counters that Kate could be sleeping with Jake. Jennifer is shocked by the suggestion, but Abigail thinks it would explain so many things, like why Chad thinks Jake is having an affair with her. Abigail vows to tell Chad her theory tonight. She orders her mother to put on the dress and meet her at the party. Jennifer promises to think about it.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate overhears Chad yelling at someone on the phone over a delayed delivery. Kate asks what’s really bothering him. He rants about Jake going after Abigail. Kate assures him she’s been watching Jake and nothing is going on between the two. Chad doesn’t want to hear her defend his brother. He’s hanging on by a thread and needs Kate to be on his side.

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Chad yells at Kate on Days of Our Lives

In her room, Gwen calls to book a hotel room using Abigail’s information. Jake bursts in yelling. Gwen hangs up with the hotel to listen to Jake rant about her giving his gift for Kate to Abby. After more arguing, she gives him the bracelet and he leaves.

Once Jake’s gone, Gwen gets back to reserving a romantic hotel night under Abigail’s name. Chad knocks on her door. He lets her know he got a babysitter for the kids so she can stay at the party as long as she wants. He compliments her dress and thinks the bracelet Jake got her would look nice with it. Gwen tells him Jake took it back because it wasn‘t for her. He wanted to give it to the person he bought it for. Chad says, “He bought it for Abigail.” Gwen says she’s sorry and turns her back to him, smiling.

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Jake finds Kate in the DiMera living room and presents the bracelet. She thanks him, but she can’t wear it around Chad. Jake is tired of sneaking around behind his back. Kate was tempted to tell Chad about them, but she thinks it would feel like the ultimate betrayal to him. Jake doesn’t like it, but understands why she won’t wear the bracelet at the party. However, he hopes it’s the only thing she’ll be wearing afterward.

Jake encounters Abigail setting up for the party in another part of the mansion. He laughs nervously when she declares, “You and Kate are sleeping together.”

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