Lucas explains himself to Allie and Marlena on Days of Our Lives
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After John and Steve share a toast in Kayla’s office, John asks Steve to respect their friendship enough to acknowledge the DNA test confirms Tripp raped Allie. Steve can’t do that, so John prepares to leave. Steve tells him he might have evidence that Tripp is innocent. After hearing his theory about the real rapist being related to Tripp, John suggests Steve go easy on the scotch. Steve agrees it’s out there, but believes it’s worth looking into. He points out they’ve taken cases with less to go on and knows if they put their heads together they can figure it out. John eventually agrees.

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John and Steve toast on Days of Our Lives

After musing on the identity of Tripp’s long lost relative, Steve thinks he knows who it is. John thinks his theory (which the audience doesn’t hear) is interesting and hopes they are on the right path to getting justice for both Allie and Tripp. They wish each other a Merry Christmas and John leaves.

At home, Tripp makes a missing persons flyer with Ava’s photo on it.

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Will and Kate have coffe in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Kate and Will enjoy coffee in Horton Square. They talk about Allie and Henry and agree Tripp should be locked up. Kate fears running into Tripp because she would shred him with her bare hands. Tripp walks by and Kate jumps up to attack him. Will holds her back and tells Tripp to stay away from his family. Kate yells at Tripp to get the hell out of Salem and walks off with Will.

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After passing out the flyers about Ava, Tripp returns home to leave another message for his mother. Steve shows up and explains he and John are working to clear his name. They have a real suspect who happens to be a relative of Tripp’s.

Tripp shows Steve Ava's letters on Days of Our Lives

As Charlie puts the gag back in Ava’s mouth, Claire knocks on his door and calls out his name. Charlie panics, wondering how she found out where he lives. Through the door, Charlie tells his new girlfriend he still isn’t feeling well and doesn’t want to get her sick. Claire just wants to see for herself that he’s all right. He asks for a minute to clean up his mess and drags Ava to another room.

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After straightening up, he lets Claire in. She notes he looks a little sweaty. He says he has a fever. She’s relieved he is really sick and not blowing her off. Charlie insists he would never do that. She’s an angel. Claire calls him the angel for getting her those concert tickets. She gives him her gift which is a new shirt to replace the one she ruined when she spilled that smoothie on him. Claire asks him to try it on so she can see how it looks. He takes off his sweater and Claire is impressed by what she sees. She touches his chest and flirtatiously says there’s one more gift she’d like to give him. He stammers that he doesn’t want to get her sick as he puts on his new shirt. She calls him a good guy and then hears a noise, which is Ava kicking something over in Charlie’s room. Charlie says it was just a pipe and then ushers Claire out.

A tied up Ava looks defiantly at Charlie on Days of Our Lives

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Charlie returns Ava to the living room after Claire has left. Ava asks her son if he’s going to kill her. He says he’s not a murderer, but he does wonder what the hell he’s going to do with her.

Lucas stops by Marlena’s place after getting a text from Allie. He confesses to confronting Tripp with scissors. He admits he was going to stab him, but unfortunately, Rafe stopped him. Marlena wonders how he could have done a thing like that. Lucas asks if Marlena also gave Allie a lecture for pulling a gun on Tripp. Marlena is stunned by this new information, but Lucas is proud of Allie standing up for herself when the system failed her. Marlena reminds him Allie could have gone to prison if she succeeded in shooting him. Lucas just lavishes more praise on Allie and hugs her.

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Lucas, Marlena, and Allie marvel at Henry on Days of Our Lives

Marlena further admonishes Lucas and urges them both to channel their anger in healthier ways. She prompts Allie to tell Lucas about her civil suit against Tripp and then they hear Henry fussing. Allie gives her son to Lucas to hold. Lucas tells his grandson he’s going to miss him when he goes on his business trip. As they all stand around marveling at Henry, Marlena remarks that family gets us through everything.

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