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At University Hospital, a newly-reunited Lani and Eli await the arrival of their twins. Abe arrives, having swung by the airport to pick up a special surprise: Valerie, who has come home from the birth of her grandchildren. (It’s worth noting that for someone who just got off a plane, Valerie looks like a million bucks!) As another contraction hits, Lani admits to Kayla that she’s not feeling particularly tough, although the doc reminds her patient that the human race would essentially die out if men had to give birth. “You are a warrior,” Kayla tells Lani.

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With Eli by her side, Lani gives birth to first a girl, then a boy. When alone with Eli and the babies later, Lani admits that she was afraid when the pain got bad but then felt the spirit of their late son, David. “He was right here,” she says. “His little hand was wrapped around mine, and in that moment there was no pain, no grief, no fear, only love. And that love gave me the courage and the strength to know that I could do this.” When Abe and Valerie ask what their grandchildren’s names are, Lani and Eli admit they’re not sure yet.

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Saying that Ava hasn’t been home for two days — and hasn’t been returning his messages, Tripp admits he’s concerned about his mom. Steve tries explaining that Ava isn’t necessarily the most stable person under the best of circumstances, so she might just have skipped town. His son, however, thinks there must be more to it. After all, he recently found a stash of Christmas cards. As it turns out, Ava wrote a card to Tripp every year, but didn’t know where to send them. And in each one, she’d written that all she wanted for Christmas was to be reunited with her son. So, Tripp says, it makes no sense that on this — their first holiday together — she’d just skip town. Steve isn’t entirely convinced, but bites his tongue for Tripp’s sake.

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At the Brady Pub, Joey is reunited with Roman. When the topic of Tripp comes up, Roman and Joey basically agree to avoid the topic in honor of the holidays. The newly-released-from-prison young man also gets a call from his sister Stephanie, and they talk about him coming to visit her at some point. Steve swings by to see if Roman wants to play Santa at the hospital, seeing as Steve-as-Stefano stole the opportunity out from under him last year. Roman declines, and things get awkward when Lucas, Allie and Henry arrive.

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Roman has a video chat with Sami, who is thrilled that Lucas and Allie are there, too. Showing Henry to Sami, Roman points out the Pub will one day be his. Sami suggests maybe they let Henry learn to dress himself before handing over the keys, to which Roman says, “It’s never too early to start training the next generation of Bradys.” Lucas, of course, jumps in to point out that the kid is a Horton, too. It’s all fun and games until Roman bumbles his way into mentioning “the circumstances of [Henry’s] conception.” Her ears perking up, Sami demands to know what the heck her dad is talking about and is shocked when Allie admits that she was raped in London. Sami realizes that Allie kept quiet out of a fear that “I would make it about me.”

Weeping, Sami promises to love Henry no matter what, saying he is a blessing just as Allie was to her. Eventually, Sami asks if Allie knows the name of the person who raped her and, reluctantly, Allie admits it was Steve’s son, Tripp. “Are you dealing with this? Are you handling it? Are you talking to someone?” asks Sami, who is surprised to hear her that this has taught Allie just how much alike they really are. “I am so much stronger than I ever thought I could be,” admits Allie, adding that she’s learned it’s okay to lean on the people who love her. Perhaps offering a bit of foreshadowing, Sami says there is nothing she won’t do for her daughter.

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At the hospital Kayla read the Christmas story to the children before Steve, in full Santa garb, swoops in to distribute presents. Afterwards, Joey tells his parents that he plans to take a job with Stephanie in Seattle. He wants to begin supporting himself and is, in fact, leaving the next day. Alone with Kayla, Steve assures her that their kids are going to be fine. “So are we,” she says through her tears. Roman apologizes to Allie for having spilled the beans to Sami, but Allie says it’s okay, as her mom was going to find out sooner or later. Roman asks where her dad went, and Allie says Lucas went from a walk. Moments later, Tripp answers the door to find not his mom, but Lucas!

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