Allie meets Charlie on Days of Our Lives
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Belle and Shawn walk through the Square after doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. Shawn holds mistletoe over her head and they kiss.

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Claire calls Charlie to make sure he’ll be at her family Christmas. He wouldn’t miss it, but he might be late because he had some last-minute wrapping to do. He looks at Ava who is tied to the chair at his place with a gag in her mouth. After he hangs up with Claire, he takes off Ava’s gag. She screams for help, but he just laughs, assuring her no one will hear her. She tries to appeal to him by suggesting a family Christmas, but he’s not having it. She should have tried that when he was ten. He puts her gag back in her mouth, puts on a Christmas movie for her, and leaves. Alone, Ava tries to free herself. She gets her arms loose.

Charlie keeps Ava tied up and gagged on Days of Our Lives

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Nicole gives Allie her Christmas gift at home. It’s a onesie for Henry. Nicole excitedly reveals to Allie Eric is coming home. It’s a surprise for everyone so she can’t say anything. Nicole wants some alone time with him before they go to Marlena and John’s though. There’s a knock at the door. Nicole rushes over to it expecting her husband, but it’s Will. Nicole’s disappointed, but Allie throws her arms around her brother. Nicole brings Henry out so Will can see his nephew and leaves the room. Will apologizes to Allie for everything that happened before he left town. He notes she seems happy now though. Allie credits Nicole for helping her. She can’t imagine her life without Henry. They invite Nicole to their family Christmas, but she stays behind to wait for her “surprise” and to watch Henry.

Will comes home for Allie on Days of Our Lives

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Marlena comes home to John crying over It’s a Wonderful Life. He tries to cover, but Marlena knows something is wrong. He puts his head on her shoulder as they watch the end of the movie. Later, Allie, Shawn, Belle and Eric arrive with Christmas gifts. Brady gives Marlena hers, which is a framed photo of Marlena with Rachel. Brady ribs John for crying at the Christmas movie.

Belle and Shawn join them as they appreciate the more “effusive” John Black. Shawn tells Belle everyone who was at their ruined wedding is there now. He pulls out their wedding rings and drops to one knee. He says, “Belle, will you marry me? Today?” Belle says, “Of course!” They embrace as everyone claps.

Shawn proposes to Belle on Days of Our Lives

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Charlie shows up to John and Marlena’s with flowers for Marlena and a gift for Claire. Belle introduces herself to Charlie and John walks over to say hello. John then asks Tink if she’s ready for the wedding. She definitely is. Marlena gathers everyone to start the ceremony, but her phone rings. It’s Sami. Belle urges her mother to ignore the call. She wants nothing to do with Sami today after what happened with Jan.

Marlena complies and gets the ceremony back on track. Belle recites her vows, promising to be faithful to Shawn. He is her best friend and she will love and respect him forever. Shawn tells Belle he’s a better man with her by her side. He will always be there to listen to her and watch as she kicks ass and takes names. He vows to love her — always, forever, and beyond. They exchange rings and say I do. Marlena pronounces them husband and wife.

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Will and Allie show up after the ceremony. Allie runs over to Claire and Charlie, whose eyes widen when Claire makes introductions. Allie remarks Charlie seems familiar. He thinks he just has one of those faces and nervously walks away. Claire follows and asks if he’s okay. He says he feels sick and should go home. He encourages her to stay there and have fun. He’ll call her tomorrow.

After Charlie leaves, the family takes a group photo. John and Marlena talk about how happy they are with family around. Marlena worries about Belle and Sami’s relationship and wonders if they’re as happy as the family on TV. John is just grateful and blessed to share all of this with her. They kiss. Across the room, Shawn has one more surprise for Belle. He gives his bride a pair of earrings and they kiss. Over at the fireplace, Allie tells Claire she has a feeling she already knows Charlie.

Shawn gives Belle a gift on Days of Our Lives

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Back at Charlie’s place, Ava frees herself and runs to the door. Charlie is standing on the other side of it and says, “Going somewhere?”

At home, Nicole prepares for her night with Eric. She rushes to the door when she hears a knock. She says, “Merry Christmas, sweetheart,” as she opens it with a smile. The person on the other side of the door is not revealed.

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