Chloe runs into Xander in the Square on Days of Our Lives
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Kristen rushes into Brady’s arms in the prison visitors’ room. They hug and kiss and wish each other a Merry Christmas. They fantasize about what their future Christmases will look like. Kristen imagines them lording over the Kiriakis mansion with Victor as the butler, Maggie the maid, and Xander the gardener. After laughing over her scenario, Brady gives her a gift from Rachel, who is home with a fever. Kristen opens a snowman gift Rachel made for her mommy. Kristen tears up and hugs him. They talk about presents for Rachel and then Kristen has another fantasy of being Mistress of the Kiriakis mansion and spending Christmas with Brady.

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Kristen and Brady spend Christmas in prison together on Days of Our Lives

From the Salem Inn, Sarah calls Xander to wish him a Merry Christmas and tell him how much she misses him. After hanging up, Philip appears in her doorway asking if Sarah was talking to Xander. She covers that she was talking to her sister. Philip apologizes for kissing her again, but admits he’s attracted to her. He thinks they’d be good together. She agrees, but reminds him she’s not ready for a new relationship. He understands, but warns her to stay away from the mistletoe as they head downstairs.

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Philip spies Sarah on phone on Days of Our Lives

A cheery Maggie finds Victor in the Kiriakis living room. She gives him a Santa hat but he refuses to wear it. She reminds him everyone will be there for Christmas Eve and his bah humbug attitude will send them all away. He relents, but says he will only wear it once everyone gets there. Maggie grows sad thinking about Xander and Sarah’s breakup.

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Chloe finds Xander in Horton Square. She talks about him leaving her in Mexico with the drug lord El Fideo. He hopes they can let bygones be bygones. She declares she’s moved past it, but still gets in some digs about him working with Philip. He swears he’s a new man now, due to love. However, he’s alone now. Maggie calls to summon Xander to Christmas dinner. After hanging up, Xander invites Chloe to the festivities. She reminds him Victor hates her, but he points out, with a smirk, she’s friends with Philip.

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Xander looking displeased on Days of Our Lives

Xarah and Philip join Maggie and Victor in the Kiriakis living room. Maggie brings up Xander, but Sarah pretends to not want to talk about him. Xander shows up and Sarah’s eyes widen. She puts on a show of hating Xander and says she’s moved on. She stands next to Philip. Xander says he’s moved on as well. Chloe appears, which makes Philip take notice, and Victor even grumpier. Xander looks straight at Philip as he calls her his date. Sarah stomps over to grab some mistletoe and holds it over her and Philip. He gives her a peck. Xander grabs his own mistletoe, but Chloe says it’s not happening.

Justin puts flowers on Bonnie's grave on Days of Our Lives

Justin brings flowers to Adrienne’s grave. He talks about past Christmases with their sons and cries over missing her. She’s the best part of him and always will be.

Justin runs into Bonnie outside Brady’s Pub. She tries to make him jealous with talk of her recent date, assuming he’s back with Kayla. Justin insists he was only helping Kayla with legal issues — that’s why he was late for their date. Bonnie softens and asks if he wants to have that date now. Justin would like that, but he’s going to the family dinner. He says he’ll call her and she starts to walk away. He stops her.

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Justin and Bonnie talk outside Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

Back at the mansion, Sarah and Xander whisper sweet things with angry faces to each other, as Justin arrives with Bonnie, further irritating Victor. He orders her out and Maggie backs him up. Justin passionately defends Bonnie, which sways Victor. He admires Justin’s capacity for forgiveness and allows her to stay.

Privately with Sarah, Philip flirtatiously brings up their kiss, but Sarah saw his face when Chloe walked in. She assumes he still has feelings for her. She walks away and Philip beelines it to Chloe. He recites the poem he wrote for her in high school. He remembers how happy they were back then. She calls it young love. He calls it special.

Over at the tree, Bonnie is grateful to Justin for inviting her. He’s grateful she’s there because Christmas is about spending time with the people you care about.

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Xander passionately kisses Sarah on Days of Our Lives

In her room at the Inn, Chloe calls Parker. She then talks to her mother who wants her to sing over the phone. As Chloe sings Silent Night, Philip looks thoughtful as he finds her hat back at the mansion.

Meanwhile, Sarah finds Xander in her hotel room. He says it’s Christmas Eve and he wanted to give her something. He passionately kisses her.

Over at the prison, Brady promises Kirsten they’ll be a family again, while Maggie tells Victor she’s proud of him on the couch at home.

And as they walk through the Square, Justin kisses Bonnie.

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