Jake in nothing but a towel on Days of Our Lives
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Abby and Jack walk through the Square after Christmas shopping. He hates to see her and Chad having troubles during the holidays. He wonders if someone put the idea in his head about her cheating with Jake. Abby thinks he is still hanging on to what happened between her and Stefan. She believes he just needs reassurance. Jack encourages her to give him what he needs. She will. In turn, she urges Jack not to give up on Jennifer.

Abby and Jack talk on a bench in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Gwen finds Chad stewing in the DiMera living room over the conversation he heard between Abigail and Jake. He wonders what they meant by not wanting him to be more suspicious than he already is. Gwen asks why he didn’t confront his wife on the spot. He didn’t want to make the situation worse and they haven’t talked since. After more discussion, Chad thanks Gwen for giving him some perspective. Gwen notices they are under the mistletoe together. They stand there awkwardly until Tony and Anna arrive. Chad’s thrilled to see them. Anna introduces herself to Gwen, as Tony suggests to his brother they visit Kristen in prison. After the men leave, Anna wants to hear everything about the nanny, but Gwen avoids answering questions about her family. Abby and Jack return home, thrilled to see Anna. A rattled Gwen seizes the opportunity to leave the room.

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Jake and Kate canoodle in the bedroom on Days of Our Lives

Kate sneaks into Jake’s room to leave a present for him. Jake, clad in only a towel, catches her as he walks out of the bathroom. He notices the present and says he has one for her too, but it’s not wrapped yet. She prefers her presents unwrapped and takes off his towel. After having sex, Kate tells Jake to open his present. When he does, he finds a red tie. She thought if he was going to be a mover and shaker at DiMera he should dress the part. He loves it, but tells her to get out of there so he can wrap hers. If she’s lucky, she’ll find it in her bedroom later. If she’s even luckier, she’ll find him as well. In the hallway, Gwen watches as Kate slips out of Jake’s room. She heads inside to needle Jake about Kate, but he doesn’t have time for her pettiness. He leaves.

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Rolf interrupts Kristen's phone call in prison on Days of Our Lives

Rolf surprises Kristen in the prison common room after she hangs up the phone with Lani. He exchanged favors to get into the women’s wing to give her a present — a photo of her, Stefano, and Chad at a previous Christmas. He asks her to tell Chad he has a gift for him as well. After Rolf has left, Chad and Tony show up. Kristen rushes to embrace her brothers. Chad sees the family photo. Kristen explains Rolf has a copy for him as well.

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Tony visits Kristen in prison on Days of Our Lives

Chad visits with Rolf and thanks him for the photo. Rolf asks a lot of questions about this year’s DiMera Christmas. He’s surprised to learn Jake will be around since Chad didn’t want him at Thanksgiving. Chad wonders how Rolf knows that. Rolf lies that Kristen told him.

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Back downstairs at the mansion, Anna asks Jack where Jennifer is, as Kate walks in. Abby breaks the awkward silence with an innocent explanation and Jack leaves. Anna asks Kate if there’s a special man in her life, as Jake enters. Tony and Chad arrive as well and Chad stoically introduces Jake to his brother. Chad seethes as Anna gushes about how much Jake looks like Stefan. Gwen returns with the kids’ wrapped presents and one that seems to be for Abigail, but there’s no tag on it. Jake and Kate exchange nervous glances. Abigail opens the box and holds up a diamond bracelet. She thanks Chad, who says it’s not from him. Kate and Jake exchange more tense glances. Jake steps forward and says it’s from him. Chad is irate, but Jake says it’s an apology gift for Gwen after everything they’ve been through this year.

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Lucas stops by the Horton house to see Jennifer. He updates her on Allie and then asks if she’s going to work things out with Jack. She doesn’t think so. She tells Lucas Jack is still sleeping with his mother. Lucas doesn’t think that’s possible. Jenn explains that Julie’s friend Saul saw Kate check into the hotel with a man whose first name starts with the letter J. Lucas offers to ask Kate right now. Jennifer has a better idea.

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Jennifer and Lucas show a man a photo in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Jennifer and Lucas head to the Square and run into Julie’s friend Saul. They ask if Kate checked into the hotel with a man named Jack. He thinks that sounds right. Lucas shows him a photo of Jack, but Saul doesn’t recognize him. Jennifer is relieved.

Jack visits Jenn at home to give her a Christmas gift. He says, “Merry Christmas, Jennifer” and leaves. She shuts the door and whispers, “Merry Christmas, Jack.”

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