Ava accuses Charlie of raping Allie on Days of Our Lives
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Shawn finds Ben at Ciara’s grave. They talk about seeing Ciara everywhere. Ben wonders why they still come to her grave since her body isn’t there. It might not even have been in the car when it exploded. He just wants something concrete to prove Ciara’s alive or dead. They talk about Hope searching for Ciara. Ben has talked to Hope, who assured him she’s okay, but she wants to be left alone. Both men have respected that. Shawn hopes his mom finds what they’re all looking for. If not, he prays she gets some closure and comes home. Ben expected to go through life alone. It’s what he deserved, but Ciara changed his life. Shawn assures him he made Ciara happy.

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Ben and Shawn mourn Ciara on Days of Our LivesJi

Nicole stops by to see Rafe at the station. She learns Allie won’t be charged for threatening Tripp. She’s relieved. As they further catch up, Rafe is surprised to hear Eric has left town. He understands life not going the way you planned as he bemoans Hope leaving, just as they were about to reunite. Nicole thinks there’s still hope for them. As for her, Nicole knows Eric will come back when he feels he’s fulfilled his mission. Nicole offers to listen if Rafe ever needs a friend. Rafe extends the invitation right back.

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Rafe and Nicole catch up on Days of Our Lives

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At Belle’s, she and Allie tell Claire about the civil charges they’re bringing against Tripp. Allie doesn’t care about the money, she just wants it on the record that she didn’t make up the rape. Belle goes to the kitchen to heat up the pie Claire brought, leaving the cousins to talk. Allie tells a shocked Claire about pulling a gun on Tripp and Ava stopping her. Claire doesn’t think she would have pulled the trigger, but Allie isn’t so sure. Claire wonders if it could hurt her civil case. Allie points out there won’t be a police report, but Claire thinks she’ll have to tell the truth if asked about it. Allie thinks it’ll be enough for her to call Tripp, who lied about being Henry’s father, a liar. Belle returns to the room. She just got news on John’s case and leaves. Allie notices Claire has been checking her phone all night. Claire admits she was hoping to get a text from someone special and excitedly tells Allie about Charlie.

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Kayla makes dinner for Joey, Steve, and Tripp at home. When they say grace, Kayla reluctantly holds Tripp’s hand. Steve knows things aren’t perfect right now, but it means a lot to him to have both his boys there. The men all hug. After dinner, they toast to Kayla and her cooking skills. Kayla feels lucky to have a wonderful family and to have Joey back. There are no words to express how much she missed him. Steve asks what Joey’s going to do now. Joey has no idea. Tripp asks about school. Joey says it’s expensive. He thinks he should get a job while he thinks about what’s next. Before he leaves, Tripp thanks Kayla for everything she’s done for him. She appreciates that. Steve offers to walk Tripp over to Ava’s and they leave.

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Ava opens the door to Charlie on Days of Our Lives

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Ava opens the door to Charlie. She’s surprised to learn he moved to Salem. He explains he got a job at Titan to keep an eye on Philip for her. She never asked him to do that. He says he wanted to show initiative and updates her on what he’s learned. She’s more concerned right now about Tripp. That’s why she called him there. They talk about the rape accusation. Charlie thinks the whole thing will blow over since charges aren’t being brought. Ava spits back that Tripp’s life is ruined regardless. Ava then accuses Charlie of being the one who raped Allie. She reminds him he was in London keeping an eye on Tripp for her. He doesn’t think that proves anything. Ava agrees, but says the DNA test does. He looks panicked upon learning there’s a baby whose DNA matches Tripp’s. Ava finds that interesting since Tripp swears he didn’t have sex with Allie. She asks if Charlie has any theories on that. Charlie thinks it’s clear Tripp is guilty, but Ava believes her son. She reminds Charlie that he shares a lot of the same DNA with Tripp — because they are brothers.

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