Xander gives Charlie an order on Days of Our Lives
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Ava helps Tripp settle in at her place. Having him there is so much more than Ava expected. She’d be a fool to mess things up, so she promises not to cause more trouble for Steve and Kayla. Tripp hopes she means that. Ava vows he can count on her. He asks, “Can I? Really?” He wonders how she’s paying for everything, warning if she’s taking her family mob money then he’s out of there. She promises she’s only taking money from the legit side of the business and expresses pride in what a good guy her son is. He recounts how he wasn’t always so good. However, he defends himself over the rape accusations even though the DNA test Kayla ran proves he’s Henry’s father. Ava thinks Kayla altered the results, but Tripp defends his step-mother. Ava demands to hear the entire story so they can figure out how his and Henry’s DNA match. Ava’s ears perk up when Tripp mentions he and Allie met in London. She plays it off, but after Tripp leaves, she makes a call demanding someone call her back.

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Ava comforts Tripp at home on Days of Our Lives

Xander meets with Charlie in the park. He expects an update on Philip, but Charlie doesn’t have anything to report. Xander knows he’s lying. Charlie confesses Philip caught him snooping so he had to tell Philip he was spying on him for Xander. Now, he’s spying on Xander for Philip. As Xander seethes, Charlie wonders what else he was supposed to do. Xander says he made a very bad choice, but understands the position he and Philip put Charlie in. However, Charlie will eventually have to pick a side and suggests Charlie back him. Xander asks Charlie to go from being a double agent to a triple agent. All he has to do is go to Philip and say exactly what Xander tells him.

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Philip kisses Sarah on Days of Our Lives

Sarah and Philip go over the benefit plans at the Kiriakis mansion. Philip tells Sarah he saw her coming out of the Salem Inn late last night. She covers that she took Xander his stuff so he didn’t have to come back to the mansion. She lies that she hates Xander and offers to help Philip get rid of him at Titan. They talk about Xander being jealous of them, which Sarah scoffs at. She thinks the idea of the two of them is preposterous, leading Philip to kiss her. Sarah pushes him off explaining she’s not ready to jump into something else so soon. Philip counters that if she really wants to get rid of Xander, she should make him think he was right about them. She says she doesn’t want to make things more complicated than they already are and leaves for the hospital. Philip warily watches her go. In the foyer, Sarah calls Xander to meet in his hotel room. Later, Charlie arrives to tell Philip Xander bought his story that he couldn’t find any dirt on him, but he has nothing to report on Xander. Philip is unimpressed and then gets an upsetting alert on his phone.

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Xander and Sarah find shocking news on Days of Our Lives

Sarah bursts into Xander’s room. Xander is looking at a report on his tablet and tells her about Ava. Sarah grabs the tablet and sees Ava’s picture. She declares Ava is Angela Van DeCamp, the woman they connected to Philip.

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Kate meets with Rafe at the Salem PD. He gives Kate her gun back, explaining what Allie did. Kate remarks Allie is a chip off the old block. She also wishes Tripp got what he deserved. Kate is then upset to learn Rafe is pursuing the case against Allie. Rafe reminds her he’s an officer of the law.

Kate wants answers from Rafe on Days of Our Lives

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Back at the DiMera mansion, Kate confronts Allie about stealing her gun. She also relays that Trask decided not to press charges against her, so Allie’s off the hook for almost shooting Tripp. Kate assures Allie she will make Tripp pay though, suggesting they bring a civil suit against Tripp. They just have to find the right lawyer.

Kate counsels Allie on Days of Our Lives

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Steve and Kayla visit Joey at the prison. They tell him Ava is alive. Joey processes the fact that he didn’t kill Ava, but wonders if she should be in prison for what she did to Kayla. They tell him they made a deal with Ava, Joey thinks they should have talked to him first. He wanted Ava dead so he deserves to be in prison. Rafe enters to tell Joey he is free to go.

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