Ava takes Tripp home on Days
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In Horton Square, Bonnie gets a call from Justin. He asks where to pick her up for their date. She suggests they meet at Julie’s.

Kate grabs a table at Julie’s Place while on the phone with Jake and making plans to meet him at the Salem Inn. Jenn confronts Kate and asks if she’s propositioning her husband. Kate assures her she wasn’t talking to Jack. After bickering with Jenn, Kate storms out as Bonnie enters and asks what that was about. Jennifer fills her in on her suspicions that Kate was talking to Jack. Jennifer suggests they change the subject and asks Bonnie, who is all dressed up, if she’s going out with that guy from the other day. Bonnie isn’t and reveals she’s going out with Justin and he’s supposed to be meeting her there tonight. Jennifer is happy for her and feels Justin deserves some happiness after this past year. Jennifer reveals Steve and Kayla currently are feuding before finally decided to head home.

Jenn is angry with Kate on Days

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At the DiMera mansion, Gwen says hello to Jack and admits she didn’t expect to see him there. He reveals he’s moved into the gatehouse. Gwen apologizes to him for being rude earlier and is happy to learn he and Abigail have mended fences because it’s sad when children are estranged from their parents. Jack opens up to Gwen about trying to talk to Jenn, but she shot him down. Gwen reveals she ran into Jennifer earlier and she told her to try and forgive him. Jack thanks her for being so kind. Kate enters and Jack excuses himself. Before Gwen can escape, Kate stops her and knows she saw her and Jake together. Kate suspects she wants something to keep quiet, but Gwen pretends to love this family and only wants the best for them. Kate accuses her of angling for Chad. Gwen warns Kate not to cross her if she wants her secret to remain one. After Gwen leaves, Jack returns and spots Kate in the living room. He admits he feels awkward around her now that the truth is out. Kate says she’s tried to get through to Jennifer, and Jack says even Gwen talked with her on his behalf. Kate suggests he be careful of Gwen. He wonders why, and Kate tells him to forget it.

Gwen gives Jack advice on Days

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At the station, Ava tells Tripp that she hopes she doesn’t go back to prison. Tripp is sure Kayla will convince Trask not to press charges because she wants Joey out of prison. Ava isn’t so sure Kayla won’t screw her over.

Ava reconnects with Tripp on Days

At Steve and Kayla’s place, Steve tells Kayla that Trask is going to meet with them to discuss a deal to free Joey. Kayla tells him to go on to the Salem PD without her, and he’s upset that she doesn’t seem to want to free their son.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Kayla finds Justin before he heads out to meet Bonnie and says she needs his help. She reveals Ava is alive, and Joey is in prison unfairly.

Back at the station, Steve arrives and meets with Tripp and Ava to make a deal. Ava warns Steve if Kayla tries to send her to prison for kidnapping then she will make sure Joey is prosecuted for trying to kill her. As they argue, Kayla arrives with Justin and followed by Trask. Steve and Tripp step out, and Steve asks Tripp how he’s handling this shock. Tripp has always wondered what would be like to know his mom, and he’s praying he doesn’t lose her again. Back in the interrogation room, Justin says Kayla won’t press charges against Ava if Ava won’t block Joey’s release. Ava agrees. Eventually they all leave the room after a deal is struck. Steve thanks Kayla for thinking to bring Justin. Justin realizes he’s late for his plans and rushes off. Tripp tells Steve and Kayla that he’ll see them at home, prompting Steve to reveal that before the discovery of Ava being alive, he was going to ask Tripp to move out. Kayla admits it was her idea, but now things have changed. Ava lashes out at Kayla for not being able to give her son the benefit of the doubt, and he can come live with her. Tripp agrees to go home with his mother.

Trask is stunned to see Ava on Days

Gwen stops by the Horton house to see Jennifer and deliver some cards the kids made her. Jenn thinks she didn’t have to come all this way. Gwen rants she needed an excuse to get out of the house with everything going on. Jennifer asks what is happening. Gwen tells her that she sensed Kate wanted to be alone with Jack earlier.

Back at Julie’s, Bonnie wonders where Justin is and calls the mansion. Justin eventually arrives, and Bonnie tells him that she knows he rushed off with Kayla and thinks they are back together now that Kayla and Steve have hit the skids. Bonnie refuses to be his sloppy seconds and has made other plans. The guy from the other day shows up to meet Bonnie and tells her how hot she looks. Bonnie departs with him, leaving Justin confused.

Ava returns to her place with Tripp. She says having him home with her is a dream come true, and if only Patch were there it would be perfect.

Kayla and Steve head to prison and are reunited with Joey.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Jennifer suspects that Kate’s fling with Jack may not be over.

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