Gwen smashes poinsettias on Days of Our Lives
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Justin and Jack meet at Brady’s Pub. They eat breakfast as Jack worries something happened between Jennifer and that guy they saw her with. They agree it wouldn’t be Jennifer at all to do something like that, but Bonnie stops by to tell them how wrong they are. “Those boys showed Jenny and me a real good time,” she says. Bonnie regales a horrified Jack with stories of how wild Jennifer was. She starts laughing and tells him she’s joking. She enjoyed getting a rise out of him more than if she did go home with those guys. Jack storms out. Bonnie takes Jack’s seat as Justin yells at her for piling on to Jack’s woes. Bonnie shrugs it off and digs into Jack’s breakfast. She alludes to going home with one of the guys from the bar herself because Justin never called her. Justin explains he went to Arizona for Thanksgiving. He was going to call her, but he guesses he lost his chance. Bonnie is willing to play the field, but Justin isn’t the kind of man who likes to share. Bonnie quickly backtracks, insisting she was a good girl just like Jennifer was. She’s only interested in one guy. Justin is happy to hear she didn’t go home with that guy. They agree to go out to a nice dinner together.

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Jack and Justin eat at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

Julie finds Jennifer hungover on the couch at home. Jennifer tells Julie about her night with Bonnie. She admits it felt good to get back at Jack a little for what he did with Kate. It also felt good to get a guy’s attention. She admits she still loves Jack, but she’s disillusioned. After they talk about Hope, Jennifer decides to get some fresh air.

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A shirtless Jake faces off with Chad on Days of Our Lives

Kate and Jake wake up on the cot in the workshop. She notices he’s distracted and wonders if he’s thinking about Gabi. He smirks asking if Kate needs him to prove his interest in her again. She says it wouldn’t hurt. They kiss, but Chad’s knock interrupts them. Kate hides as Jake opens the door to Chad. He notes Jake slept there again last night. He assumes with Gabi. Jake confirms he talked with Gabi, but nothing happened. He tells him to mind his own business. After Chad has left, Jake tells Kate he wanted to tell Chad the truth about them. Kate says if it’s too hard for him to keep it a secret they need to end things. She doesn’t want to risk her relationship with Chad. Jake says if it matters to her then it matters to him. However, they need to find a new place for their playdates. She agrees and they kiss.

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Gwen glowers as Jack and Abigail hug on Days of Our Lives

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As Gwen watches the kids play in the park, she gets a call from Dr. Rolf. She updates him on her recent progress in driving Abigail and Chad apart. She vows she won’t rest until everything Abigail has is hers. Abigail approaches and Gwen quickly hangs up. Abby talks about Gabi’s brief return and trip to Arizona. Gwen thinks it’s positive the woman who drugged her is gone. Abby isn’t sure Gabi was the one who drugged her. Rattled, Gwen wonders who would do it then? After Abigail takes a work call, Gwen brings up Abby and Jack not getting along. Jack appears. Gwen tries to stifle her disappointment over learning Jack and Abigail have patched things up. She seethes as father and daughter hug. Jack and Abby leave with the kids so Jack can give them an early Christmas present. Gwen hangs back to gather all their toys. Alone, Gwen paces in anger. She takes a toy bat and hits a stand holding poinsettias. She yells, “I will destroy her life if it’s the last bloody thing I do!” Jennifer walks up, eyes wide.

Abigail finds Chad at home. He flashes back to all the suspicious links between her and Jake. He asks if she’s having an affair with him.

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Abe in cowboy boots shakes hands with Rafe on Days of Our Lives

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Abe visits Rafe at home. After catching up, Abe offers Rafe the police commissioner’s job, since Hope isn’t ready to come back to work. Rafe says he tracked Hope down and learned work isn’t the only thing she’s not ready for. He confides that Hope isn’t ready to get back together either. She’s solely focused on finding Ciara. He’d be willing to wait for her to figure things out, but he knows he’s not a priority. He doesn’t see a future for them. Abe wants them both to be happy — whether together or apart — but in the meantime, he needs a commissioner. Rafe accepts. Abe is thrilled, but warns him there’s a lot going on right now, including Ava Vitali being alive and Allie accusing Tripp of rape.

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