Allie pulls a gun on Tripp on Days of Our Lives
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Allie brings Henry to see Lucas at the DiMera mansion. She tells him she asked Trask to send her case against Tripp to London. Lucas thinks she made the right decision. He also thinks it’s time to tell Sami what’s going on. Allie fears Sami will overreact, as usual, and blame her for being drunk. Lucas counters that Sami could be more sympathetic than Allie thinks, considering Sami was raped in high school. Lucas reluctantly explains how when Sami couldn’t find legal justice, she took matters into her own hands.

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Kayla and Claire talk in the Square on Days of Our Lives

Claire runs into Kayla in the Square. Claire shares she just helped Ben pack up Ciara’s stuff and shows Kayla Ciara’s locket. When they talk about Tripp and Allie, Claire asks if Kayla believes Tripp’s claims of innocence. Kayla would like to, but he and the baby are a DNA match. Claire wonders if everything she ever thought about him was a lie.

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Kayla and Steve fight on Days of Our Lives

Steve returns home to Tripp who tells him he was just interrogated by a London detective over the phone. Tripp knows they think he’s a liar. Steve assures him he and Justin will help him through this. Tripp retreats to his bedroom when Kayla enters. The couple fights after Steve tells Kayla about the case going to London. Kayla thinks if Steve really loves Tripp, he’ll help him own up to what he did. As they continue to yell at each other, Kayla gets paged back to work.

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Back at the DiMera mansion, Lucas tells Allie how Sami got a gun and made sure her attacker never raped anyone again. Allie gets a call from London and learns they aren’t pursuing the case against Tripp. Lucas is furious and Allie rants about how unfair it is that Tripp gets to continue on with his life as nothing happened. Lucas thinks they need to focus on her now and suggests she get therapy to heal. She agrees she needs to find a way to heal and leaves Henry with Lucas.

Steve bumps into Lucas with the baby stroller in the Square. Lucas angrily says, “I was just babysitting our grandson. Maybe you’d like to meet him.”

Alone at home, Tripp opens the door to Allie. She tells him London won’t be charging him. Relived he says, “You mean it’s over?” “Not exactly,” she responds, and pulls out a gun.

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In his office, Philip demands to know what Charlie is doing on his laptop. Charlie says his laptop froze so he needed Philip’s to get market quotes. Philip doesn’t believe him and fires him. Charlie panics and tells him the truth about spying for Xander. Philip instructs Charlie to keep playing along with Xander, but not to feed him any information. Philip wants Charlie to report back to him on Xander. After Philip leaves, Charlie lets out a slow breath and paces the floor. Claire pops in with a smoothie for him. He notices her necklace and is less than thrilled to hear Ben gave it to her. She explains it was Ciara’s. When he asks a lot of questions about Ben, she assures him there’s nothing going on between them.

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Sarah and Xander hatch a plan on Days of Our Lives

While canoodling on the couch at home, Sarah suggests to Xander they break up. Xander expresses hurt and confusion until she explains pretending to break up could open the door for her to get closer to Philip, who could confide in her. The idea of her cozying up to Philip makes him want to put his fist through a wall, but he agrees it could work. She warns they’ll have to pretend to hate each other. They flirt remembering how she wasn’t his biggest fan in the beginning. Xander leans in for a kiss, claiming this could be their last chance to be together for a while. She pushes him away and yells, “Get the hell off me!” They stage a fight about Xander being jealous of Philip when he enters. They fake break up and Xander leaves the room. Philip tells a teary Sarah she’ll be better off without Xander in her life. He hugs her, as a concerned Xander watches from behind the door.

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Philip comforts Sarah on Days of Our Lives

Ava visits Kristen in prison and learns about Xander’s visit. Ava can’t understand how Xander knows about her alias Angela Van de Camp. Ava isn’t worried about Xander though because she instructed Philip to handle him. If he doesn’t, well, then, she will. As Ava starts to leave, she sees an online report about Tripp being an accused rapist on the visitor room’s computer.

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Ava sees news of Tripp while visiting Kristen in prison on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Things get tense between Steve and Lucas, and Chloe returns, just as Philip reflects on his romantic past.

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