Sarah and Xander plot in bed on Days of Our Lives
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At Brady’s Pub, a newly released from jail, thanks to Justin, Ben acknowledges that he is going to have to find some way to move on without Ciara. Preferably a way that doesn’t involve him beating people up or getting arrested on assault charges.

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Claire smiles at Charlie in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Charlie and Claire form a mutual admiration society in Horton Square, each acknowledging how lucky they feel to have found the other. Charlie starts talking to her about Titan only to have her lose all interest when Ben approaches. She jumps up to pull Ben into a hug as Charlie sits back, clearly thinking, “Who is this hunka-hunka-burning love that I clearly have to compete with?” Things only grow more uncomfortable when Claire suggests Ben join them. Rather than join the “We Love Ben Weston” fan club, Charlie eventually makes an excuse and leaves. Alone with Claire, Ben says that while all the signs point to Ciara being gone, he just can’t let go. Claire offers to help him get closure, and Ben realizes she just might be able to do that.

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Ben gives Claire Ciara's things on Days of Our Lives

Claire goes with Ben to his hotel room to help pack up Ciara’s things. Learning that Ben’s been going out to the airfield where the car blew up and searching for clues, Claire suggests she could go with him next time and help. Ben gives Claire a necklace that has great emotional significance, which leads to her breaking down in tears as Ben pulls her in for a hug.

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Jennifer turns Jack away on Days of Our Lives

Jack uses paperwork as an excuse to show up on Jennifer’s doorstep and asks when she’ll be back at work. Oh, and by the way, has she forgiven him yet? In a word, no. She packs up her laptop and heads to Julie’s Place, where she tries but fails to ignore a heavy-sighing, day-drinking Bonnie. When it becomes obvious ignoring the other woman isn’t an option, Jenn asks what’s wrong and learns that Bonnie’s waiting (and waiting and waiting) for Justin to call as he promised. As they talk, it becomes clear Bonnie is the next-to-last to hear about what went down at the big anniversary party. (More on the last to know in a moment.) Next thing you know, the women are slamming back drinks and bonding over the fact that, as Bonnie says, “They both done us wrong, those jerks.”

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Jack crosses paths with Justin at the pub and realizes the attorney somehow hasn’t heard about what went down at the anniversary party. After catching Justin up, Jack admits he thinks his marriage might be deader than the proverbial doornail. Justin urges Jack to fight for his marriage. Upon finding out Bonnie and Jennifer are at Julie’s Place, the guys head to the restaurant… arriving just in time to find the booze-filled ladies flirting with two handsome strangers!

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Sarah and Xander plot while enjoying breakfast in bed on Days of Our Lives

Xander and Sarah put on their detective caps at home in bed, with him heading to the prison to chat up Kristen about Angela Van de Camp and Sarah determined to pump Philip for info. Xander doesn’t love his girlfriend’s idea, given that Philip is clearly interested in her. But Sarah suggests they can use that to their advantage. Before long, she’s roped Philip into helping her put up the Christmas decorations (although truth be told, he mostly seems to fiddle with a string of lights as opposed to doing anything actually helpful). Philip suggests Sarah help him organize a big charity fundraiser for Titan, with the proceeds going to the children’s wing at the hospital.

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Xander meets with Kristen in prison on Days of Our Lives

At the jail, Kristen doesn’t give Xander any information about “Angela” or her connection to Titan. In fact, she’s kinda shocked he bothered to visit. “If someone is conspiring to take down you and Victor,” she snipes, “I wish them the best of luck!” Xander warns that if Titan goes down in flames because Kristen refuses to spill the beans, Brady won’t be thrilled with his girlfriend. That ploy doesn’t work, however, as Brady “knows how I feel about you and Victor.” She does, however, give him a nugget of info for old-time’s sake, telling him that she and Angela go way back and he shouldn’t cross her unless he wants to get killed.

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Sarah and Xander compare notes back at the mansion about their respective progress (or lack thereof), while Kristen calls Ava. Kristen tells her to get down to the prison, ASAP. Meanwhile, Sarah tells Xander there is a way in which they can get Philip to trust her. “But,” she warns her boyfriend, “you’re not going to like it.”

At Titan, Philip drops off his computer and then heads downstairs for coffee. The second he leaves, Charlie — wearing spectacles, all the better to appear innocent, no doubt! — runs across the room and begins trying to access his boss’ computer. Of course, he is caught by a returning Philip.

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