Gabi finds Jake and Kate in bed on Days of Our Lives
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At home, Claire blames herself for John possibly going to jail. Marlena reminds her Jan is the guilty party. John wouldn’t want her to blame herself. After Marlena leaves for the police station, Charlie shows up. He wanted to make sure she was okay. Claire responds she’s not. She’s worried about her grandpa. They discuss what happened at the wedding, including their kiss. Charlie says he felt weird about it since she was so emotional. He thinks he read her wrong. She assures him he didn’t, but she is scared of becoming the obsessive person she used to be and of getting hurt. Charlie understands; he’s scared too. However, being with her is the best. She asks if they are trying “this.” He is up for it if she is. He nervously gets up to go back to work. She smirks and asks if he forgot something. He asks to try the kiss one more time. She thinks they can arrange that and they lock lips.

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Marlena supports John in the Salem PD on Days of Our Lives

Belle meets with John in the interrogation room. She tells her father she wasn’t able to meet with Trask. It doesn’t matter, John says. He deserves to be prosecuted for murder. Belle points out Jan isn’t dead. She also never should have been released from Shady Pines. As Belle rants about Sami bringing Jan back into their lives, Marlena enters. Belle tells them she can’t get John out on bail yet because the courts are closed. After Belle leaves, John worries about getting locked up for the rest of his life. Marlena tries to reassure him and tells him Charlie is with Claire. He hopes Charlie is a bright spot for Claire in all this. John calls Marlena his bright spot and they kiss.

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Abe asks Shawn to be police commissioner on Days of Our Lives

Abe meets with Shawn at the Salem PD. He understands Hope’s need to grieve, but he needs someone in charge as commissioner. Abe asks Shawn if he wants the job. Shawn is flattered, but he and Belle have to get back to Hong Kong at some point. Belle enters and asks Abe if he can pull some strings for John. Abe’s hands are tied. Alone, Belle and Shawn discuss their disastrous wedding. Teary-eyed, Belle says the worst part is they never actually got married. She thinks they need to fix that. They kiss.

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Rafe and Roman catch up on Days of Our Lives

In the park, Roman tells Rafe they don’t know where Hope is or when she’ll be back. Rafe thinks he should have been there. Roman assures him Hope found him to be a great source of comfort. Rafe tries to wrap his mind around Ciara’s death. He understands why Hope can’t accept it. He prays she can find peace and a way to live without her daughter. Roman suggests he use his detective skills to find Hope. Rafe agrees that’s a good idea. He can find her and let her know he’s there for her.

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Jake and Kate are busted on Days of Our Lives

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After Gabi finds Jake and Kate naked in the workshop, Jake jumps up to put clothes on. Kate covers up as Gabi lashes out. Jake reminds Gabi she left him in the dust. He shouts, “Why do you care who I sleep with? And what in the hell are you doing home anyway?” After Kate gets dressed, she starts to leave. Gabi’s tirade stops her. Jake asks Kate to stay. He then yells at Gabi for trashing Kate. Also, for leaving him for Mexico and for using him. Gabi explains the threat against her family and how she pushed Jake away to protect him. She thought he’d be happy to see her. Gabi never imagined he’d be in bed with Great Grandma Kate. Kate tries to bow out and let Jake and Gabi reunite, but Jake interrupts her. He has feelings for her. Stunned, Kate says she had no idea. Jake confirms that he does. He turns to apologize to Gabi, but she just rants about how she was going to ask Jake to go to Arizona with her so she could be with Arianna, but this is easier. Before Gabi leaves, Kate asks her not to tell Chad about this. Gabi says, “You want to sleep with Chad’s enemy behind his back? Far be it from me to stop you.” She walks out. Jake admits he cares for Gabi, but it wasn’t hard to let her go because of Kate. It means a lot to Kate that they aren’t just using each other. He meant what he said — he really cares about her.

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Gabi finds Rafe alone in the park. Neither one of them is ready to discuss what they just learned. Gabi says she’s going to Arizona to be with Ari. However, Salem has not seen the last of her — that is a promise.

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