Jack is reunited with his children on Days
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At the Horton house, Jennifer asks Julie if she can help clean up. Julie has tasked Doug with the dishes so they can talk. She apologizes for inviting Jack to dinner when she’s still hurting, but she had a talk with Jack, and he loves her to the ends of the earth. She wonders if she’ll be able to forgive Jack for what happened with Kate. Jennifer has been thinking and she understands why Jack turned to Kate, however, she doesn’t know if she can forgive him for lying to her about it. Julie says he lied to protect her, but Jennifer says that doesn’t justify what he did.

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Abigail joins JJ and their father at The Brady Pub. JJ takes a call from Theo and gives them a chance to talk in private. Abigail apologizes for bringing that letter to the party and has apologized to her mom. She admits she was just so angry at him and wanted to hurt him the way he hurt them. She is sorry and hopes he’ll be able to forgive her someday. Jack knows he made a mistake with Kate, but he made a worse one when he lashed out at her. He forgives Abby and hopes she can forgive him for the terrible things he said to her. Abby tells her father that she loves him, and they embrace. Abigail wonders if her mom will be able to move past this, but Jack is unsure she can forgive him this time. JJ returns and tells his dad and sister that he has to return to South Africa because there is a business issue in Johannesburg he needs to deal with. JJ wishes he could have stayed longer. They share a family hug.

At Jake’s garage, Kate tells Jake that she’s glad this day is over. Kate reveals the holiday wasn’t a happy one because of what Allie is going through, and her heart breaks for Allie. Jake has seen how fierce Kate is and thinks her love is just what Allie needs right now. Jake pulls Kate into a kiss, and they end up in bed together. Kate admits celebrating Thanksgiving in bed with Stefano and Vivian’s child is crazy, even for her.

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In the park, Roman runs into Rafe, who wishes the Brady a happy Thanksgiving. Roman asks why he’s back in Salem. Rafe is back because this is where he belongs. Rafe reveals he was on his way to see Hope. Roman tells her that Hope isn’t home, and shares the details of Ciara’s death. Rafe is left stunned. Roman explains that no body was recovered, and Hope is sure Ciara could still be alive out there. Roman asks Rafe about his mother, and Rafe admits it was all a lie and his mother was never ill. Rafe tells Roman how his father’s latest mistake put their entire family in danger. He says once he got the whole family to a safe house, he dealt with the men threatening his family. His mom and dad are still in Mexico, Dario has taken off to do whatever he does, and he and Gabi returned to Salem. Rafe still feels bad that he left Hope and asks where she is. Roman reveals that she left Salem and they don’t know where she’s gone.

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At the DiMera mansion, Gabi saunters in and asks Chad if there is any turkey left. He thought she was in Mexico and suggests she skedaddle back there. She tells him this is her home, but he says not after what she did in drugging Abby. Gwen walks in as Gabi swears that she didn’t drug Abby, but the person who did is still out there. Gabi asks why Gwen is there, and Chad reveals she’s their nanny. Gabi scoffs and calls her a slutty nanny and she asks about Jake. Gwen tells her not to be shocked if Jake hasn’t already moved on after how she told him that she used him to get back in at DiMera. Gabi explains her lashing out at Jake before leaving town was a lie, and she asks where Jake is so she can tell him the truth. Gwen flashes to catching Jake with Kate, so she suggests she check the workshop. Gabi departs, and later Abby returns. Chad has to break the news to her that Gabi is home.

JJ drops by the Horton house and tells his mom that he has to return to South Africa because Theo needs his help. JJ admits he took a slice of her pie to dad. She knows it’s his favorite. JJ hugs his mother goodbye.

Back at the garage, Gabi is stunned to walk in on Jake and Kate cuddling in bed.

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