Eli and Brady burst into Belle's hotel room on Days of Our Lives
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Lani visits Kristen in prison. She apologizes for what Eli did, but Kristen defends Eli’s actions. Lani can’t get over the lies. How is she supposed to trust him? Kristen says Eli loves her so much; he would do anything for her. Doesn’t she love him the same way? Lani doesn’t want to talk about her anymore. She asks how Kristen is doing. Kristen is hopeful she’ll eventually get her life back, but she would give anything to be with her family right now. She reminds Lani that she can have her own, but if she doesn’t want to be a family with Eli anymore, she should walk away right now. Kristen reminds her she went to prison to save her. The only thing worse than being in there is knowing she did it for nothing. She begs Lani to not let her sacrifice in vain. “Work things out with Eli. Please.” Lani doesn’t know if she can do it.

Lani and Kristen have emotional prison visit on Days of Our Lives

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Abe and Eli meet with Julie at Julie’s Place. She excitedly tells them about her co-ed baby shower idea, but Eli doesn’t think Lani will want him there. Julie is appalled to learn Lani kicked him out. Eli begs her not to go off on Lani. Julie asks, “Who’s talking about Lani? I’m talking about you, Eli.” She commends him for trying to protect his wife, but he shouldn’t have done it at the cost of honesty and trust. Eli knows he screwed up. Julie agrees and asks what he’s going to do about it. He plans to give her space. Julie is unimpressed. She turns to Abe and insists he kick Eli out of his house, assuming Lani won’t want Eli out on the street. She wants them to strategize, but Eli has to get back to work. After Eli leaves, Julie tells Abe they have to get those two crazy kids back together.

Abe and Julie talk at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

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Everyone gasps when Jan is revealed as the bride in John and Marlena’s living room. Shawn and John demand to know where Belle is. Jan replies that Belle is fine, but she won’t be for much longer unless they behave themselves. Brady tries to secretly make a call, but Jan stops him. She collects everyone’s phones. Marlena quietly suggests they all play along since they don’t know where Belle is. Jan shows them a photo of Belle. She’s alive and well, but tied up. Jan wants to get back to the ceremony so she can finally be Mrs. Shawn Douglas Brady, or else they’ll be singing the “Wedding Belle Blues.” Shawn insists he won’t marry her, but Jan declares she left her gun with a trusted friend who has it trained on Belle right now. A tearful Claire tries to reason with her, but Jan isn’t swayed. Claire realizes Jan manipulated her to get to her parents. Jan confirms it. She never got over Shawn. He is hers — now and forever.

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Marlena confronts Jan at the wedding on Days of Our Lives

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Marlena steps forward. She wants to make sure Jan has everything she dreamed of and asks to talk privately with her. Claire sits with Charlie and berates herself over believing Jan. He relays he knows she had mental health issues, but it doesn’t matter to him. Off to the side, Marlena tries to get through to Jan, who remains in her delusions. Meanwhile, Shawn tells John there’s no way in hell he’d ever marry Jan. John says, “Actually Shawn, you will.” He echoes Marlena’s belief that the only way to keep Belle safe is to go along with Jan. Shawn relents and stands with Jan. John whispers to Brady there is nothing stopping Jan from killing Belle after the wedding — except for them. John encourages Marlena to drag out the ceremony as long as she can, to give Brady time to find Belle. Brady slips out as Marlena starts the proceedings. When Marlena gets to the vows, Jan reminds Marlena her name is Janet. When asked, Jan beams as she exclaims, “I do!” Shawn reluctantly follows suit. When the rings are asked for, Shawn looks around for his best man. Jan asks, “Where the hell is Brady?”

Jan beams at a leery Shawn at wedding on Days of Our Lives

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Brady breathlessly runs up to Eli in the Square. He needs his help. Eli mocks him. Brady tells him about Belle and runs into the hotel. Eli follows.

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Inside the hotel, Eli draws his gun when no one answers Belle’s door. He kicks in it and the men enter. They look shocked at what they find, which isn’t shown to us viewers. Brady says, “Oh my God.”

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