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Roman drops in on Shawn at home. He notes Shawn looks really happy. Shawn says he is because he’s getting married today. He also relays he talked to Hope. She can’t be there, but she’s happy for him. Shawn and Roman note they call and text Hope, but she doesn’t share any details on where she is or what she’s up to. Shawn supports what his mother is doing. However, he is glad they have something to celebrate now. He can’t imagine his life without Belle.

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Shawn and Roman talk about Hope on Days of Our Lives

Belle visits her parents at home to tell them she and Shawn are getting married. They’re thrilled for her. Belle still worries about Shawn’s insecurity over her feelings for him, which makes her feel guilty. Marlena says feeling guilty over what happened with Philip is a waste of energy. She should live in the present, which is pretty wonderful right now. Belle just wishes Shawn knew he is the love of her life. Belle asks her mother to officiate and reveals she’s meeting Claire at the Salem Inn to prepare. Next, Belle asks John to walk her down the aisle. He happily accepts.

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Belle tells her parents she's getting married on Days of Our Lives

Outside the Pub, Jan recalls watching Belle and Shawn get engaged. She looks inside to see Claire on her phone. To herself, Jan says it’s her mission to ruin Shawn and Belle, and Claire will help her. Inside, Claire texts Charlie to tell him she had a great time with him at dinner. He texts back to invite her to dinner again that night. She responds that she can’t. Jan sits down and learns from a beaming Claire she and Charlie cleared the air and had a great dinner date. Next, Jan manipulates Claire into revealing she’s going to her parents’ wedding, which will be at John and Marlena’s place. Claire adds that she’s meeting her mother at the Salem Inn first. Jan thinks Claire should ask Charlie to the wedding. She encourages her to put Belle off for a little and invite him in person.

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Xander walks downstairs at the mansion to find Sarah who has Philip’s briefcase. She didn’t find anything in the case, but she did swipe his car keys. She says Philip will need a ride to work and she’ll be more than happy to give him one. Xander loves this side of her and tells her to let him know what she finds out. After he leaves, Philip comes downstairs. He looks for his keys, but can’t find them. He gets a call from Ava, who wonders why he’s not at work. Philip asks for privacy from Sarah who hides behind the door to eavesdrop. After Ava makes threats she gives him her new address. Philip writes it down. When he’s done, Sarah offers to drive him to work, but he’s on his way to the Square. She agrees to drive him there.

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Xander meets with Charlie at Julie’s Place. The intern relays his confusion over Claire blowing him off after their great date. Moving on to business, Xander tells Charlie he thinks Philip is stealing from the company. He wanted to meet at the restaurant so Philip wouldn’t overhear them. He asks Charlie if he’s noticed any odd behavior. He hasn’t.

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As Sarah lurks, Philip runs into Shawn in the Square. The men bicker and Shawn tells him he and Belle are getting married — today. Belle finds them and reveals she was the one who proposed. Shawn smugly invites Philip to the ceremony, but Philip declines. Sarah follows him as he walks away. Alone, Belle and Shawn look forward to their wedding. Shawn panics, pointing out they shouldn’t see each other before the wedding. Belle calls that a silly tradition. Nothing can ruin their happiness. Jan walks up as they kiss.

Shawn shows up at John and Marlena’s. John welcomes him in and relays how excited Belle is. When Shawn expresses doubt, John assures him Belle is grateful to share her life with him. He is the love of her life.

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Belle looks at her wedding dress inside her hotel room. There’s a knock at the door. She assumes it’s Claire, but she opens the door to Jan.

Back at Julie’s, Xander instructs Charlie to keep an eye on Philip at work. Claire bursts in to talk to Charlie. Xander calls Claire out for blowing Charlie off. Claire insists she wasn’t blowing him off and invites Charlie to the wedding as her date.

Sarah follows Philip, as he knocks on a door. She hides around a corner as Ava opens the door.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Charlie gets grilled, and Jan surprises Belle.

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