Eli tries to defend himself to Lani on Days of Our Lives
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At the prison, Kristen covers and tells Brady her visitor was Marlena. He tells her he had a visitor too — Lani. He admits he filled in the blanks for her about Eli. Kristen is worried she won’t understand Eli’s actions. Brady shows Kristen photos of Rachel. Kristen tears up and tells him how Marlena convinced her to keep seeing her daughter. Brady knows Rachel is resilient, just like her. He wouldn’t change one thing about either of them. Before he leaves, Kristen asks Brady to make sure Lani is okay. Brady assures her Lani and Eli will work things out themselves.

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Brady makes his case to Kristen on Days of Our Lives

At home, Lani tells Eli she knows everything he did to Kristen. Eli tries to deny it, but Lani tells him about her recording. He won’t apologize for what he did. He calls Kristen a cancer on the human race. Of course he chose his wife when Trask gave him the choice. Eli can’t understand her loyalty to her. Lani defends Kristen and lashes out at him for lying to her. He tells her he had nightmares about her finding out and leaving him. Lani says that wasn’t a nightmare, it was a premonition. She packs a bag and starts to leave. Eli says she’s not thinking straight. Lani spits back that he broke something important. He thinks they need to consider what’s best for the babies. Her moving out and disrupting her life is not that. She agrees. She’ll stay. “You’re going,” she says. Eli grabs his bag, but says they should work this out. Lani doesn’t want to talk anymore. “Just go.” He tells her he loves her and leaves.

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Abigail wakes up hungover with Chad on Days of Our Lives

A groggy Abigail wakes up in bed. Chad tells her he brought her there after finding her in Jake’s lap. She doesn’t remember anything about the night before except her blowing up her parents’ marriage. They talk about her drinking while on medication. Chad mentions Gwen said she tried to stop her. Abigail questions this, but ultimately, she doesn’t remember anything. Chad encourages her to take it easy the rest of the day, but Abigail says she needs to find her mother.

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Downstairs in the mansion, Jake and Kate flirt while talking about their night together. He leans in for a kiss. Gwen walks by and sees them as Kate pulls back. Kate reminds him they can’t be seen together. Gwen reveals herself and gets into a spat with Kate over what happened at the party. Kate leaves the room. Jake defends Kate when Gwen makes snide remarks. She tells him she saw him and Kate kissing, assuming they slept together. Jake orders her to keep her mouth shut about him and Kate. Chad can’t know. Chad walks in wondering what he can’t know about. Jake covers saying something about contacting the DiMera board. Gwen backs him up. Jake makes a dig about Abigail needing comfort from him and walks out. Chad relays to Gwen that Abigail is out looking for Jennifer to apologize. Gwen wonders why Jack isn’t the one doing that. After Chad leaves, Gwen tells Stefano’s portrait that she’s off to meet an old friend of his. It’s time for phase two.

Jake flirts with Kate on Days of Our Lives

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Abigail pays Jake a visit at the garage. She apologizes for passing out in his lap. He is understanding, but points out Chad overreacted over something completely innocent. Abigail looks concerned. Once she’s gone, Chad shows up. He checked on Jake’s story about the board – it doesn’t add up. He asks what he and Gwen were really talking about.

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Jack comes to JJ’s room looking for Jennifer, who hides. JJ opens the door and says his mother is not there. Jack knows that’s a lie. JJ says she doesn’t want to see him. Jack yells out for Jennifer to tell JJ to let him in. Jennifer reveals herself to shake her head no. Jack leaves. JJ gently tells his mother Jack seems genuinely sorry. Jennifer says he’s always sorry, but only when he gets caught. JJ comforts her.

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On the way out of the hotel, Jack runs into Kate in the Square. She says they have to talk. He agrees, but not there. They go to the park and talk about the letter. Jack asks why she kept it. She says it meant something to her that their night helped him. She couldn’t bear to throw it away. Jack can’t believe Abigail outted them at the party. It’s so unlike her. Kate agrees she seemed out of control. He laments over Jennifer not talking to him. Kate offers to talk to her, but they conclude that’s a bad idea. Jack leaves. As Kate starts to do the same, Jennifer arrives. “Going somewhere?” she asks.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Jennifer confronts Kate, and Gwen involves someone in the next phase of her plan.

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