Lani demands the truth from Brady on Days of Our Lives
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At the Pub, Eli reiterates to Abe that Lani can’t know the truth. He will do whatever it takes to keep it from her.

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Lani plays her recording of Eli and Abe’s conversation to Brady in his room. She demands to know the truth. Brady tells her to talk to her husband. She knows Eli won’t tell her. Brady doesn’t think it’s his place to say anything, but then tells her everything about Eli convincing Kristen to plead guilty.

After Eli meets with Julie about the baby shower, he returns home. Lani confronts her husband about what he did to Kristen.

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Ava knocks on Steve’s door and then hides when he opens it. Kayla returns home and learns from Steve no charges are being brought against Tripp. Back in the hallway, Ava tells herself that she can’t see Steve just yet, especially with his Sweetness there. Inside, Kayla and Steve fight about Tripp. Kayla accuses him of having a blind spot when it comes to his son. Steve counters that Kayla has a blind spot because Ava was Tripp’s mother. Kayla denies it at first, but then says, like mother, like son, reminding Steve that Ava raped him. Tripp returns and overhears. He lashes out at Kayla for telling disgusting lies about his mother. Steve stops him — what Kayla said is true. Ava forced him to sleep with her or else she would have killed Kayla. A stunned Tripp leaves. Kayla and Steve continue to argue.

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Ava visits Kristen in prison on Days of Our Lives

Marlena visits Kristen in prison. She knows it must have been hard to see Rachel during her recent visit. She’s there to help make the next one better. Kristen says there won’t be a next time and cries recounting how upset Rachel got. Marlena thinks it will get easier each time until she’s back home. Kristen thanks Marlena for her kindness after everything she’s done to her. After Marlena has left, Kristen looks at a photo of Rachel. Ava enters. Kristen can’t believe she survived the warehouse fire, noting Xander didn’t say anything to her. Ava scoffs, “That moron didn’t rescue me.” She rescued herself and hightailed it out of the country. Ava points out she survived death before, reminding Kristen she got Rolf to save her after Joey tried to kill her. Ava and Kristen reminisce about becoming friends in Italy years ago. They met at a convent while Kristen was recuperating after falling out of the tower. Kristen assumes Ava is back in Salem for Steve. Ava says her pull to him is still powerful, but she’s back for other reasons. Kristen assures Ava she’s there for her and won’t say a word to anyone about her being back. After Ava has left, Kristen recalls seeing the initials A.V. at the warehouse. Brady shows up and asks who her visitor was.

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Allie listens to Tripp at her door on Days of Our Lives

At the apartment, Tripp implores Allie not to pursue the case against him in London. She remains adamant that he’s guilty. He reiterates his version of events, declaring he would never rape her or any woman. She brings up his attacking Kayla. Tripp explains that was about his mother, but now they get along great. He looks up to Kayla, who is the closest thing he’ll come to having a mom. Now, she thinks he’s a rapist. He’s so sorry about what happened to Allie, but vows he didn’t do it. Tripp doesn’t want to fight with her anymore. He urges her to think about all the lives her accusations are affecting. For everyone’s sake, he hopes she finds it in her heart to let it go. After Tripp has left, Marlena visits. Allie tells her about Tripp’s visit. She says Tripp seemed sincere. She even started to believe him, but the DNA test proves he’s lying. She doesn’t know what to do. Marlena backs her no matter what she decides. Alone, Allie calls Trask. She’s made a decision about her case.

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Ava reaches out to a distraught Tripp on Days of Our Lives

Ava walks through the park and sees Tripp on a bench. He’s bent over with his head in his hands. She reaches out to him unseen, but he walks away.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Brady confesses to Kristen, and Gwen witnesses a stolen kiss.

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