Shawn and Belle talk at home on Days of Our Lives
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Eli enters the Salem PD as Lani talks on the phone with Brady. After hanging up, Lani relays how hard it was for Brady and Rachel to visit Kristen in prison. She says they have to leave to meet Theo, but a guilty-looking Eli says he’ll meet her there. Shawn shows up once Lani’s gone and the men discuss not wanting to lose the women they love. They reassure each other over their relationships and Eli leaves to meet with his family.

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Abe and Lani meet Theo at Brady’s Pub before he has to go back to South Africa. They needle him about his girlfriend and he asks about Lani and Eli. As Lani talks about them overcoming their problems, Abe thinks about Eli’s confession regarding Kristen. Abe gets a call and steps outside to take it. Eli shows up just before Theo is about to leave. Theo orders Eli to take care of his sister and the babies. After Theo has left, Abe and Eli talk privately about Brady. Eli doesn’t know how much longer he can live with this secret. Abe asks if he is planning on telling Lani the truth. Lani returns and overhears Eli say maybe one day he’ll tell her, but for now, he needs to keep it quiet.

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Philip and Belle talk at Kiriakis mansion on Days of Our Lives

At the mansion, Sarah eavesdrops as Philip talks to his partner on the phone about Victor buying his story. Sarah walks away after letting in Belle, who is there to see Philip. Belle tells Philip the DA offered him a deal that ends in no jail time. Philip wants to go to trial. He can’t risk giving Xander ammunition with a guilty plea, besides he wants to clear his name. Belle thinks he should take the deal, reminding him they don’t have a strong case. Ultimately, though, it’s his call. After Belle leaves, Philip looks at a photo of her. He tells himself to get over it, she’s gone.

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Charlie meets Sarah on Days of Our Lives

In the office, a restrained, but furious Xander learns from Victor over the phone that Philip had a perfectly good explanation for his money transfer. After hanging up, Xander vows to find out what Philip is up to. Charlie enters with Xander’s protein shake and laments what happened with Claire. Xander reiterates that he didn’t let up on Sarah until she gave in. She shows up and Xander is all smiles. Sarah meets Charlie and then canoodles with Xander, who orders Charlie out of the office. Once alone, Sarah tells Xander he’s right to doubt Philip. She thinks he is hiding something.

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Xander and Sarah conspire on Days of Our Lives

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Xander and Sarah go to Julie’s Place where she tells him the cryptic things she overheard. He can’t wait to tell Victor, but Sarah thinks he needs proof first. They try to figure out who Philip was talking to. Sarah could only glean that he sounded afraid of the person. They wonder if he’s taking orders from someone else.

Philip goes for a run through the park. He stops and turns. “You,” he says. “What the hell are you doing here?”

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Jan's fantasy about Shawn finding Belle and Philip on Days of Our Lives

In Horton Square, Jan fantasizes about Shawn being upset over Belle working with Philip and then finding them making out on a desk at the Salem PD. Claire walks by, interrupting her thoughts. Jan gives Claire a healing crystal and invites her to join her at her table. After sitting down, Claire tells her how Charlie blew her off. Jan doesn’t think she should give up on him and grabs the phone to call and confront him. Claire panics, but then Charlie shows up. Jan demands to know why he blew Claire off. He retorts she was kissing another guy. As Charlie explains what he saw, Jan gets a call from the D.A.’s office. She steps away to take it and is upset by what she hears. Claire tells Charlie she just needed comfort from Theo over Ciara. He also helped her realize what she really wants, which is to explore things with him. Charlie asks if she’ll finally let him take her out. She would love that.

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Belle proposes to Shawn on Days of Our Lives

Belle meets Shawn at the station and tells him Philip took the deal. He’s no longer her client. Shawn apologizes for being so testy when it comes to his uncle. Belle understands, but assures him she loves him and only him. Shawn knows, but the doubt goes back a long way. Belle wants to put the doubt away once and for all. She gets down on one knee. She realized their original anniversary is coming up and wonders why they haven’t gotten re-married yet. She says, “Come on. Let’s make it official again.” Shawn wonders if there’s a question in there. She says, “Shawn Douglas Brady, will you marry me?” He says, “Hell yes I will” and grabs her. Jan watches from the squad room as they kiss.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Philip’s secret partner is revealed and Lani wants the truth from Abe and Eli.

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