Kate comforts Jack on Days of Our Lives
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At the party, Abigail angrily wonders why her father wrote Kate a letter while Jennifer was in a coma. Kate says it’s just a thank you for the flowers she sent to Jennifer. Abigail read the letter; it was more than a thank you. Abigail doubles over in pain as Jennifer asks her to read what the letter says. Disgusted, Abigail throws it down and runs out as Chad chases her. Jennifer picks up the letter and reads it. “Dear Kate, I knew this had to end the moment I woke up in your bed this morning.” She doesn’t need to read another word to know what they did behind her back. Jack follows as she races out. Jake defends Kate when Steve confronts her. Kate turns it around on Steve reminding him his son raped her granddaughter. Jake follows Kate as she exits.

Jennifer furious with Jack on Days of Our Lives

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Jack follows Jennifer to the park. She cries and yells at Jack over his betrayal. He explains that he waited for her to come out of her coma, but the days turned into weeks which turned into months. He was afraid she’d never open her eyes and he began to lose hope. Jack recalls Abigail telling him to take care of himself, so he went to the pub for dinner instead of going home alone. To ease his pain, he started to drink. Since Kate was working there, he started talking to her about how much he loved Jennifer and how terrified he was. One night, when he had too much to drink, Kate offered to call him a cab, but that never happened. Instead, he spent one night in her bed. He remembers Kate offering to sleep on the sofa, but he started to cry. She held him as he wept and they kissed.

Jack sneaks out of Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

Jennifer asks Jack if she should assume the rest. “That you slept with her too?” Jack says to his everlasting regret he did sleep with Kate. Jennifer cries. He remembers sneaking out of the pub the next morning as Kate gave him a wave while she was working. He then raced to Jennifer’s hospital room disheveled. Jack hoped a still comatose Jennifer could find it in her heart to forgive him someday. He then pulled out a pen and paper… Jack explains how he wanted to confess, but Jennifer had so much to process after she woke up. Jack asks if she can forgive him.

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Jake comforts Kate on Days of Our Lives

In her room, Kate holds the letter. Jake finds her and asks if she’s okay. She says she’s fine. She just hates having her privacy invaded. He asks if she really did the dirty with Abigail’s father. She explains Jack started coming into the pub every night and eventually opened up to her. He was so broken, she just listened. She recalls how alone Jack was and it made her realize how lonely she was too. When she saw him in her bedroom on her bed that’s when she realized they were closer than either of them knew. She tells Jake Jack’s letter thanked her for her kindness and suggested it was best if they kept it between them. Jack never came into the pub again and they managed to avoid each other — at least for a while. Kate remembers finding Jack at the mansion after he and Jennifer moved in to look after Thomas and Charlotte. She assured him no one would ever hear about their night from her. After they both left the room, Gwen emerged from the tunnels. “What do you know?” she said smirking.

Gwen sneaks into the DiMera mansion

Back in the present, Jake asks why Kate held on to the letter. Kate says it meant something to her. He then asks if she is in love with Jack. She says helping Jack through a bad time made her feel like a better person than most people think she is. Jake moves in closer to her. He’s not judging her. They lean in for a kiss.

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In the restaurant’s office, Chad tells Gwen Abigail is throwing up in the bathroom because she isn’t supposed to mix alcohol with her medication. He asks Gwen if she knows what’s in the letter. She says it reveals Jennifer is not the only woman for Jack. She then blames herself for Abigail finding it. Chad assures her it’s not her fault, as she plays up her feelings of guilt. JJ joins them and Chad leaves to check on his wife. Chad returns to declare Abby is gone.

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