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Although it was the day of the big party for Jack and Jennifer, not everyone is in the mood to celebrate. This is especially true for Steve and Kayla, who are not dealing well with the results of the DNA test recently run on his grandson, Henry. The problem? Steve continues to believe that his son didn’t rape Allie, while Kayla is firmly planted in Allie’s camp, what with the test seeming to prove the young woman’s version of what happened in London. Kayla says that she would join Steve in standing by Tripp’s side if it weren’t for the test.

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Pointing out how genuinely shocked Tripp was by the test results, Steve tries using that as justification for believing his son. Kayla, on the other hand, insists Patch is in complete and total denial. When the argument is lobbed back to his side of the metaphorical court, Steve makes a point that seems pretty valid: Why on Earth would Tripp claim that he’d never had sex with Allie if it weren’t true, especially given that Henry would seem to be living proof of the lie. “He’s not stupid,” says Steve by way of a closing argument. Kayla tells her beau several of their friends will be no-shows at the party because they don’t want to deal with him, under the circumstances. Ultimately, Kayla gets in the last word by pointing out that Steve ignoring the proof in order to stand by his son means he’s not only labeling Allie a liar but insulting every victim of sexual assault, “including me.”

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Meanwhile, it turns out that John and Marlena are among those who opt not to attend the party. They have a good reason to want to spend the evening together, however, given that it’s also their anniversary (or at least one… they’ve had more weddings than John’s had careers, which is really saying something). In fact, John presents Marlena with a lovely album filled with pictures and memorabilia from their various ceremonies. As they walk down Memory Lane, John finds himself getting overly emotional. While he’s annoyed by the fact that he has so little control over his emotions these days, Marlena tells him it’s kinda nice knowing how he feels.

Flipping over the hourglass, the pair reflects on the meaning it has in their life and relationship, recalling how he would turn it over every day while waiting for her to awaken from her coma and coma back to him. They also recall how they loaned the hourglass to Jack when he was waiting for Jennifer to come out of her coma.

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Back at the pub, the party is in full swing. Abe is happily reunited with Theo, while Chad makes the mistake of saying how happy he is that Jake’s not in attendance when Kate walks in with his brother on her arm. (Hilariously, Theo takes one look at Jake and says he “looks just like the old one.”) By this point, Steve and Kayla have essentially decided it’s probably best that they keep their distance from one another. Jack tells Steve that once Tripp is charged, it’ll be tough to keep his name out of the paper. When Steve again insists his son is innocent, Jack says that it wasn’t until he accepted his own past actions that he began to find forgiveness. And although Jake indicates to JJ that Gwen is single and ready to mingle, she expresses absolutely no interest in the newly-returned hunk.

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Meanwhile, Abigail — who isn’t supposed to drink because of the meds she’s been prescribed — begins downing booze like a broke college student at an open bar, thanks in no small part to a little urging on Gwen’s behalf. She attempts to tell Chad about the letter she discovered in Kate’s shoebox — which had been written by Jake — but is interrupted as people begin taking to the stage in order to wax poetic about Jack and Jennifer’s love. With each new tribute, Abigail becomes a bit more agitated, practically snorting at some of the things being said.

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Finally, at JJ’s request (and with Gwen whispering encouraging words in her ear), Abigail begins talking to the assembled guests about her parents. But things take a dark turn when she held up the letter Jack had written to Kate, ready to share its contents with — and in front of — everyone!

Next on Days of Our Lives, Jennifer gets a shock thanks to that truth-revealing letter.

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