Kayla reads the DNA test results on Days of Our Lives
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On the phone in the Square, Steve tells Kayla he’ll find Tripp. They can read the DNA results together and prove he’s innocent.

At Ciara’s grave, Allie tells Tripp about Kayla running a DNA test. He insists he never gave a sample, but then realizes what happened. Tripp can’t believe Kayla went behind his back. He says she won’t get away with this and walks off. Once alone, Allie gets a call from Kayla. She has the test results.

Tripp meets Steve in the Square and tells him he already knows about the DNA test. Steve says it was his idea. He did it to prove he’s innocent. Steve’s sorry for not telling him, but the results are in.

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Tripp reacts to hearing the DNA test results on Days of Our Lives

Allie arrives at the hospital ready to open the results. Kayla says she promised Steve she’d wait for him and Tripp to read them. Kayla says Steve believes the test will prove Tripp’s innocence. Allie asks what Kayla thinks. Kayla knows how painful this is for her, but there’s no point in asking family to pick sides. The results are in and they will process whatever the truth is. Steve and Tripp arrive. Kayla opens the envelope and tells a stunned Tripp the test proves he’s Henry’s father.

Kate tells Roman about Allie on Days of Our Lives

Kate walks into Brady’s Pub to talk to Roman. She gently tells him Allie was raped and that she’s claiming Tripp is her assailant. Roman is floored. He assumes Sami doesn’t know yet. Kate confirms this and suggests Allie be the one to tell her. Roman agrees and thanks her for telling him.

Gwen caught on the phone on Days of Our Lives

Jake enters the DiMera living room as Gwen yells at Rolf on the phone, wondering why he’s calling her. Jake badgers her over who she was talking to after she hangs up. She says it was about the party, but he doesn’t believe her. He knows she’s scheming and demands to know what she has planned. She accuses him of being obsessed with her. Jake scoffs. He’s just worried she’ll hurt Abigail. Gwen accuses him of being in love with Abigail. He denies it and more back and forth ensues. She tells him not to come knocking on her door when he gets lonely. Kate approaches and overhears Jake say if he was going to sleep with anyone under this roof it wouldn’t be Abby or her. Gwen asks who the lucky lady is. Kate makes her presence known and Gwen exits. Kate asks what was going on with them, detecting sparks. Jake assures her he is no longer interested in Gwen. When she asks who the woman in the house is that he was referring to, he brings up Jennifer’s name, but says she’s too nice. He prefers bad girls. “Do you know any?” he asks. She says she’ll let him know if one comes to mind and leaves.

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Abigail and Chad talk in thier bedroom on Days of Our Lives

Abigail returns to her bedroom after Ciara’s funeral. She fills in Chad about Hope and Ben not being there. Chad questions her when she admits she feels bad for Ben. She’ll never forget what he did, but she knows Ben has been reformed and that he loves Ciara. She can’t imagine if she lost Chad like that. He promises that will never happen. She reminds him he was almost shot by Rolf and then informs him Rolf wanted to clone Stefano. Chad calls it a new level of insanity and they laugh over it. The conversation turns to Gwen and Abigail says she’s going above and beyond with the party. Chad doesn’t want to talk about Gwen or the party right now. He pulls her in close. They kiss and fall back on the bed. Gwen comes to the door interrupting them with party business. Chad thanks Gwen for helping to plan it. Gwen thinks she should be thanking them for taking her in. She says it’s obvious Abigail has loving and supportive parents and that’s why she’s so wonderful herself. Chad leaves to check on the kids, as Gwen’s face darkens.

Ben and Shawn force Vincent to talk on Days of Our Lives

At the airfield, Vincent tells Shawn and Ben that Ciara broke down sobbing and begged for her life. He assumes that’s what Wendy did with Ben, so he showed no mercy and shot Ciara point-blank. Ben grabs him, but Shawn holds him off. They lead Vincent away.

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After Shawn puts Vincent back in his cell, he enters the interrogation room and arrests Ben. It’s too late to post bail so he’ll have to spend the night in jail. Ben doesn’t give a damn where he is. He wishes he were dead. Ben apologizes. He knows Shawn is grieving too. Shawn notes the huge impact Ciara had on his life. He also knows how much Ben and Ciara loved each other. Ben doesn’t know how to live without her. Shawn says if Ben wants to honor her, he needs to keep going. It’s what Ciara would want.

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