Tripp shocked by DNA test news on Days of Our Lives
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Kayla and Steve walk through the Square. Kayla reads aloud her message to Hope about how wonderful Ciara’s funeral was. John approaches them and apologizes for trying to hit Steve. Steve understands, but is glad John came to his senses. John makes it clear he’s only sorry about hitting him. He still thinks Tripp raped his granddaughter. Kayla intervenes when the men argue and they calm down. Steve tells John about the DNA test. He asks if John can accept it if Tripp is cleared. There’s nothing to accept, John states. He believes his granddaughter. After John walks off, Kayla tells an upset Steve John is just protecting his family and then gets paged to the hospital. Before she leaves, she worries how Tripp will react upon learning about the DNA test they’re running behind his back. She suggests Steve call his son.

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Outside Brady’s Pub, Allie and Claire talk about Hope leaving before Ciara’s funeral. She thinks it’s sad she can’t accept that Ciara is gone. Claire thinks she can relate now that Allie’s a mother. Allie says she’s still figuring it all out and tells her Kayla is running a DNA test. They’re both surprised Tripp agreed to it, but Allie says it will prove he’s Henry’s father because she hasn’t had sex with anyone else. Allie suggests Claire get inside to prepare for Ciara’s service. Claire notes she does have stuff to do, but she’s worried about her dad. Allie offers to go to the cemetery and check on Shawn.

At the cemetery, Shawn talks to his little sister’s grave. He lays flowers down and talks about Hope looking for Ciara. He hears a noise and turns to see Tripp, who wanted to wait to pay his respects until everyone was gone. Shawn’s confused. Tripp starts to tell him about Allie’s accusations, but Shawn is called about Ben taking Vincent. He runs off. Alone, Tripp sits next to Ciara’s grave. He hopes she knows that he would never rape Allie. He says his goodbyes and that he will always miss her. Tripp gets a call, but he ignores it when he runs into Allie. He tries to walk away, but Allie asks why he agreed to take a DNA test knowing it will prove he’s lying. Shocked, Tripp asks, “What DNA test?”

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Steve leaves a message for Tripp. He tells him to meet him in the Square. They need to talk. Kayla calls Steve. She tells him the DNA test results are in.

Ben threatens to shoot Vincent on Days of Our Lives

At the airfield, Ben asks Vincent at gunpoint if Ciara is alive. Vincent reiterates that he killed her right before the car exploded. Vincent dares him to shoot him, but laughs knowing he won’t. He recounts how Ben couldn’t kill Ciara even after he programmed him. He also didn’t kill the cop at the station. Vincent doesn’t think Ben has it in him anymore. Ben reminds him he’s killed before. He’s sorry for his victims, but he won’t be sorry for putting a bullet in Vincent’s head. Vincent believes he’s a changed man. Ben says Ciara is what changed him. Now that Vincent has killed her, he put out the only light in his life. There’s nothing left for him, but pain and revenge. Vincent starts to grow afraid and pleads with him to wait. He says there’s more to the story. Ben orders Vincent to spit it out. As Vincent starts to talk, Shawn approaches with his gun drawn. He orders Ben to drop his gun. Ben lowers it and tells his brother-in-law that Vincent has more to say about Ciara. Shawn demands Vincent talk. Vincent reaffirms there is more to the story and they both need to hear it.

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Lani visits Eli at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Eli wakes up confused in the hospital. Lani reminds him what happened at the police station with Ben. Eli tries to get out of bed worried Ben will kill Vincent. Lani tells him half the squad is looking for him. Eli says he’s the reason this is happening. He can’t just lie there and let Ben kill Vincent. He gets out of bed, but passes out again. After getting Eli back in bed, Lani tells him she heard him say, “I’m sorry. I did what I had to do,” while he was coming to. Eli thinks he must have been talking about Ben, but Lani says he said Kristen’s name. Eli thinks maybe he feels guilty for arresting her in the first place. Lani marvels over Kristen changing her plea. She thinks there’s something Kristen isn’t telling her.

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