Rolf pulls a gun on Kayla on Days of Our Lives
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Roman rushes into the hospital to meet with Steve, who is worried Orpheus has Kayla. Steve makes a call to have hospital security footage delivered to him on a laptop. When they look through it, they see Kayla walking towards the elevator with Rolf. Steve calls Chad to make sure Rolf doesn’t have the Stefano chip he implanted in his head. Chad confirms he and Tony destroyed the chip. After he hangs up, Roman looks on the laptop for footage of the hospital garage. Steve wonders if Rolf forced Kayla to whisk him away in her car and runs off to the garage. When he returns, he relays that Kayla’s car is gone.
Steve and Roman look through hospital files on Days of Our Lives

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Rolf brings Kayla at gunpoint to a lab. He has something stored that Stefano donated in the name of science. With it, Rolf proclaims, he will clone an entirely new Stefano. Kayla tries to appeal to Rolf by calling him a genius. However, she’s sad that he clings to the idea that he needs Stefano. She thinks he could put his genius to so much better use. Rolf only cares about this. Kayla then points out his clone will be a baby. It will take decades for it to be the Stefano he remembers. Rolf has a plan and informs Kayla that she’ll be helping him. Absolutely not, Kayla says. She’s a medical doctor, not a mad scientist like Rolf. “Potato, potahto. Frankenstein, Frankensteen,” he replies. Resigned, Rolf says he’ll do the cloning on his own, but he can’t let Kayla leave. He picks up a syringe and threatens her with it. Kayla tries another tactic with Rolf. She says she understands Rolf is lonely. That he misses his friend. She tells him to run and find someone else to share his life with. Emotional, Rolf says there is no one else but Stefano. He brings the syringe closer to her while asking if she will help him clone Stefano, or not. Kayla agrees and asks how the cloning works. Rolf explains they will transfer Stefano’s DNA into an egg, which will develop into an embryo, which he will implant into a surrogate — her.

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Kate holds Henry pulls gun on Clyde on Days of Our Lives

Kate is shocked to find Clyde with a baby in the park. Clyde tells her to leave and forget she ever saw him. She can’t do that and gets out her phone to call the cops. She sees an emergency alert and learns the baby Clyde has is Henry. She tries to convince him to give her the baby, but Clyde warns her to stay back. She offers herself as a hostage in exchange for Henry. When he balks, Kate turns on the charm and says whatever he wants, she can make him happy. Clyde calls her sexy, but also a lot of trouble. Besides, Henry’s more valuable and less hassle. When the baby cries, Kate scoffs and says, “You sure about that?” She offers to quiet the baby when Clyde doesn’t have any luck. He hands her Henry. Once she has the baby, Kate pulls a gun on Clyde. He doesn’t think she’ll use it, but Kate fires the gun. Clyde falls to the ground.

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Marlena witnesses Evan facing Orpheus on Days of Our Lives

Marlena comes to Orpheus’ hideout with Christian. She’s shocked to see John when Orpheus opens the door. Orpheus tells his son he missed him. Christian demands to know why he’s there. He was getting better in Bayview. Orpheus says their past is over. They can start fresh, which includes reuniting him with his son, David. They’ll be together as a family. Christian wants to trust his father, but he isn’t happy he kidnapped Marlena’s great-grandson. Orpheus threatens the baby unless Christian leaves with him. Christian asks when he’ll be able to see David. Orpheus says as soon as he deals with John and Marlena and aims his gun at them. John offers to wire Orpheus money if he’ll let them go and get Henry. Orpheus orders John to tie Marlena to the chair and then he’ll tie up John. As John and Marlena start to comply, Christian knocks out Orpheus. Marlena wonders why Christian did that, assuming he was going to leave with his father. Christian just said that to delay Orpheus. Christian admits he misses his son, but he isn’t ready to be a father. He’s getting better in Bayview and he can’t let his father carry out his plans. John calls the cops to tell them about Orpheus. As John ties up a passed out Orpheus, Christian runs off.

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