Kate makes a point with Lucas on Days of Our Lives
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Kate vents to Lucas at the DiMera mansion about Gwen letting Rolf escape. Lucas interrupts to tell her Allie was raped. Kate reels, but assures Lucas it’s not his fault when he beats himself up for not preventing it. She wants to make sure the man pays for what he did to her granddaughter. Lucas tells her it’s Tripp. There’s no proof, though, so that’s the end of it. Kate says that’s not the end of it, not by a long shot. She grabs her phone to call Abe, but he doesn’t answer. Kate heads out to find him to make sure Tripp is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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Clyde impatiently waits for Orpheus’ call while holding a crying Henry in the park. He thinks he’ll have to ditch him so he can check on his own kid. Clyde tells Henry Ben has nothing left to live for, but maybe the baby can help him out. He thinks Henry could at least put a smile on Ben’s face. He’s scared Ben is going to do something crazy and hopes it’s not too late to change his mind. As he paces the park, he comes face to face with Kate.

Orpheus disarms John on Days of Our Lives

John holds a gun on Orpheus at his hideout. Orpheus fills John in on Henry. He says if his associate doesn’t hear from him soon, well, then, the baby is expendable. John doesn’t believe him so he calls Allie, who confirms Henry is missing. John assures her everything will be okay and she’ll have Henry back soon. After hanging up, John demands to know where Henry is. Orpheus says as long as Marlena gets Christian out of Bayview, the baby will be fine. However, if the exchange doesn’t happen at the appointed hour, they won’t see Henry again. And time is almost up. John demands Orpheus call his associate to bring him the baby or else he’ll kill him. Orpheus reminds him the baby is dead if his associate doesn’t hear from him. So, John needs to hand over the gun. John gives up his firearm.

Marlena meets with Dr. Morris (played by Kirk Taylor) at Bayview. She tells him she needs Evan Frears, a.k.a. Christian Maddox, removed. Considering the time of night, he says it will take time to process. Besides, Christian is doing well there. Marlena grows agitated as she insists she needs it to happen tonight. She threatens his job if he doesn’t bring Christian to her right now. Dr. Morris leaves to get Christian, who is surprised to see Marlena. He resists leaving with her, demanding to know what’s really going on. She tells him she talked with Orpheus, but Christian wants nothing to do with his father. Marlena tells him what Orpheus has done with Henry, appealing to his parental instincts. She says everyone is relying on him. They’re hoping he does the right thing.

Marlena talks with Evan on Days of Our Lives

Lani comes to the apartment after Allie and Nicole call her about Henry. Allie recounts the story about the repair guy, who she believes took him. Lani shows Allie pictures of the prison escapees and Allie points to Clyde. Lani isn’t sure where Clyde could have gone, but she has an idea of where to start looking.

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Eli pays Ben another visit to his hotel room. He has more questions about Clyde. Ben stonewalls him, but Eli wants to take a look around his place. Ben nervously lets him in. As Eli searches his place, Lani calls to tell him Clyde took baby Henry. When he hangs up, Eli yells at Ben, accusing him of helping his father. Ben admits Clyde was there, but he would never help him do something like this. Eli tells Ben he could have stopped his father. So, it’s on his head if anything happens to the baby. Ben agrees. He apologizes, but Eli is unmoved. He’s taking Ben to the station. Until they have Clyde in custody, he’s not letting Ben out of his sight.

Back at the apartment, Lani tells Allie and Nicole Eli was with Ben. They wonder if Ben helped Clyde. Allie breaks down over not spending enough time with Henry when she could have. She believes this is her punishment for being a horrible mother. Nicole comforts her.

On the next Days of Our Lives: Rolf horrifies Kayla and Kate discovers Clyde.

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