Orpheus used Clyde to do his bidding Days
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From home, Steve calls Kayla who is at the hospital. She says she’s been busy with emergencies due to the blackout, but everything is under control now. She put a rush on the DNA test and is on her way home. Steve just wants her where he can see her, considering Rolf and Orpheus are on the loose. Kayla thinks Orpheus has moved on from them, but Steve still worries. He adds that he is anxious for the DNA results and hopes Tripp forgives him once it clears him. Tripp enters the living room, overhearing. After Steve hangs up, Tripp asks what he and Kayla did behind his back. Steve says he had Kayla put in a good word for him with the hospital so he can finish his program once he’s cleared. Tripp appreciates how much he believes in him. Steve continues to worry about Kayla when she doesn’t come home. When the power comes back on, Steve calls Kayla again, but she doesn’t pick up. Steve leaves.

Rolf pulls a gun on Kayla on Days of Our Lives

Back at the hospital, Rolf surprises Kayla in her office. He pulls his gun when she tries to slyly grab her phone. Kayla demands to know what he wants from her. Rolf needs her help to bring Stefano back from the ashes. He orders her to leave with him. Steve arrives to find her office empty.

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In a warehouse, Orpheus tells Clyde over the phone to get “it” done. After hanging up, he unties Marlena. He needs her help with his son Christian. Marlena wonders why she would ever do that. Orpheus tells her Christian had a breakdown while in prison and the guards threw him in solitary instead of getting him help. Christian tried to kill himself, but he’s alive and is in Bayview. Orpheus knows Christian needs a reason to live and that’s his son. He wants Marlena to sign his son out of Bayview and deliver Christian to him. When Marlena argues against the plan, Orpheus tells her he took out insurance. Marlena is furious to learn of what he did, but Orpheus says he had to do it to protect his family. He orders her to follow his instructions to the letter.

At home, Nicole and Allie discuss the prison escapees and the blackout. When Nicole steps away to change the dress Henry spit up on, Allie opens the door to Clyde. He’s dressed as a power company employee. She lets him in to check their breaker. When he returns to the room, he tells her there’s a candle in another room in danger of setting a fire. When he leaves the apartment, Allie runs to check on it, leaving Henry alone in the living room. Clyde returns. Later, Allie and Nicole walk out to the living room as the lights come back on. Allie tells her about the guy who came to look at their breaker box and must have fixed the power. When Allie checks on Henry, she discovers he’s missing.

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Clyde holds Henry in the park while drinking. He says, “I think Orpheus has himself a dandy little insurance policy.”

Ben worries about an ailing John on Days of Our Lives

As Ben looks at his gun in his hotel room, John knocks on the door. Ben hides it before greeting John, who is looking for Marlena. Ben tells her she left a few hours ago, but he called and left a message for her about Orpheus being on the loose. The news sets off John. John holds his head as he apologizes for raising his voice. After they conclude Orpheus has Marlena, Ben grabs his phone to call the cops. John says he’s not calling anyone; it’s too risky. However, Ben can help find his wife. John asks if Clyde has reached out to him. Ben flashes back to his familial moment with his father and hesitates to respond. John reminds Ben he owes Marlena his life so if he knows anything he needs to speak up. Ben tells him he doesn’t know where Clyde is or how to reach him. He’d give anything to help Dr. Evans, even if it means Clyde is caught. Ben thinks there’s someone else who might know where Clyde could be. On Ben’s suggestion, John calls Xander who tells him of a secret hideout of Clyde’s. John stumbles around a bit and holds his head before he leaves to investigate. Alone, Ben brings out the gun and holds it to his head, tormented. He says to himself, “I’m so messed up.” He thought he could actually trust Clyde. He looks at his wedding photo assuming Ciara would be furious if she knew he let him get away again. He throws a glass in anger thinking about Clyde hurting Dr. Evans.

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John bursts into Orpheus’ hideout with a gun. Orpheus is there, but Marlena’s gone.

On the next Days of Our Lives: Ben wants to confess and Marlena makes a desperate move.

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