Clyde tries to convince Ben on Days of Our Lives
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Sarah enters the Kiriakis living room to find Philip. He updates her on the blackout and prison break. Sarah worries about her mother, but Philip assures her security is on high alert. He won’t let anything happen to Maggie. Philip offers to keep her company, knowing she and Xander are fighting. She sits down and vents about Xander’s caveman ways. Xander appears as they have a laugh at his expense. Philip looks at his cousin and smirks. The men trade barbs and insults and then Xander learns Clyde and Orpheus are on the loose. Philip takes joy in informing Sarah of Xander’s past with the criminals. Sarah’s had enough and announces she’s going to bed, but orders Xander to stay on the couch. Philip supports her decision, but Xander insists he’s going to sleep in their bed, considering dangerous criminals are lurking. She tells him he can sleep in their bed and she’ll stay on the couch talking to Philip.

Sarah scolds Xander in front of Philip on Days of Our Lives

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At Ben’s place, Clyde reiterates to his gun-wielding son that he’ll kill Vincent for him. Ben wants to see Vincent’s fear for himself, though. To see him experience every bit of terror Ciara felt. He needs justice! Clyde doesn’t want him to throw his life away. Ciara wouldn’t either. Clyde yells at his son to honor Ciara by becoming the man she wanted him to be. After he finishes his lecture, Clyde announces he has somewhere to be. Before he leaves, he asks his son to think long and hard before he does something he’ll regret for the rest of his life. Ben promises to think about it before he does anything rash. Clyde says he will check on him in the morning. Ben says, “You promise me?” Clyde’s face softens. He promises.

Jan taunts Belle and Shawn on Days of Our Lives

Jan gives Belle a scare at her house when she appears unannounced. Belle wants her to leave. Jan will, but first, she pulls out a rock which causes Belle to back away in fear. She trips and falls. Belle gets up and limps to the couch. Jan tells her to relax; she’s not going to hurt her. Jan just wants to give Claire a healing crystal to bring her comfort over Ciara. As Jan goes on and on about crystals, Belle yells for her to get out of her house. Jan wants to wait to give her gift to Claire and sits down. Belle rants at Jan, who thinks she and Claire have a lot in common. Jan then taunts Belle over Philip, which causes Belle to lash out at Jan over Shawn. Jan seethes.

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At the Salem PD, Eli and Shawn are at a loss over the prison escapees. Lani enters with footage from the DiMera grounds, hopeful it will give them details on Rolf’s escape. Unfortunately, it’s been erased. Shawn finally starts getting alerts from his phone and sees from his security system that Jan is at his house. After he rushes out, Lani wonders if Rolf reached out to Kristen. She wants to go to her cell and question her, but Eli doesn’t think Rolf could have contacted her while she’s locked up. He hands her the tip call sheet and she finds a caller who spotted Clyde near Ben’s place an hour ago. She wonders if Ben was playing him. Eli thinks he should go back and check.

Belle and Shawn cuddle on the couch on Days of Our Lives

Back at Belle’s, she tells Jan Shawn could never love her. He hates her. Jan yells for her to stop and raises the crystal in anger. Shawn runs in as Belle cowers. Shawn orders his former captor to leave. Jan eventually obliges, but not before getting in more digs about Philip. She takes her rock and leaves. Shawn wonders to Belle what Jan really wants. Belle wishes she knew. They cuddle on the couch as they continue to try and figure out what Jan’s up to.

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Jan plots on Days of Our Lives

Jan brings the crystal to the Square and fantasizes about knocking Belle out with it. She says to herself, “Don’t you dare tell me I’ll never be with Shawn. Don’t. You. Dare.”

Charlie and Claire are playful on Days of Our Lives

Charlie calls Claire to tell her he’s stuck in the Titan office—literally. The doors are locked down and he doesn’t have the password to override the system. He thought Claire might have it since she’s part of the family. She tells him to call Xander or Philip, but he doesn’t want to look like an idiot in front of them. He asks her to come over and try to open the door from the other side. When Claire arrives, she has trouble opening the door. They work together on it until Claire comes bursting through the door. She falls in his arms and then steadies herself. Charlie asks Claire out to dinner sometime. She accepts.

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