Belle checks on John on Days of Our Lives
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In her bedroom at the mansion, Abby worries to Gwen about why it’s taking Chad so long to return. Gwen offers to look for him and goes downstairs. She finds Chad who has disarmed Rolf. As Chad gains control of the gun, Gwen exchanges nervous glances with Rolf. She tells Chad to go to Abigail and she’ll handle Rolf. Chad thinks that’s too dangerous. He tells her to get some rope so they can tie him up. She’s too scared to do it so Chad gives her the gun and heads off to find it. After Rolf has been tied up and Chad’s left again, Rolf tells Gwen he’ll keep quiet about her plans for Abigail if she helps him escape. She doesn’t think Chad will believe him. His kids and wife adore her. Rolf reminds her the prison has cameras which means she’s on tape visiting him.

Rolf points a gun at Chad on Days of Our Lives

Upstairs, Chad tells Abby about Rolf. He assures her Gwen is fine with him because he tied him to a chair. Chad finds his phone and calls the cops. He tells his wife to stay in the bedroom for the kids and exits.

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As Clyde hides in Ben’s hotel room, Ben answers the door to Eli. The detective wonders if Clyde is there. Ben says he’s not, but lets him in to search the place. Eli trusts him and thinks Clyde is probably headed out of town anyway. Clyde says he’s proud of Ben after Eli leaves. Ben just wants Clyde to go. Clyde asks if he wants to go on the run with him. Ben says Salem is his home, but Clyde reminds Ben he’s the only family he has now. When Ben still passes, Clyde wonders what’s keeping him in Salem. Ben picks up his gun and says, “Revenge.”

Lani finds Shawn at the Salem PD barking orders on the phone to get the power restored. They discuss the prison break. Lani is hopeful Eli is arresting Clyde right now. Shawn tries, but fails to contact Belle to warn her about the prison break. Eli returns as Shawn gets the call about Rolf. Lani volunteers to go to the mansion to get him. Eli urges her to be careful.

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When Lani arrives at the DiMera mansion, she and Chad find Gwen lying on the floor. Rolf is gone. Gwen apologizes to Chad for Rolf’s escape. She says one minute he was tied up, the next he was loose. He attacked her and ran off. Lani will check the house and post a unit outside. She leaves the room, as Chad wonders how Rolf got out of the ropes. Gwen picks up a letter opener off the floor, suggesting Rolf palmed them before getting tied up and cut himself loose. Chad is dubious, but says that’s the only explanation. Abigail enters and gets updated.

When she can’t get ahold of them on the phone, Belle stops by to check on John and Marlena at their home. John says he was sleeping and Marlena isn’t there. He assumes she went to see Ben. That seems odd to Belle, but she ultimately thinks it makes sense. Belle stays to keep him company and John detects something is wrong with her. She vents about Jan, who she assumes is up to something horrible, especially when it comes to Claire. How can she protect Claire from someone she sees as a victim? John assures his daughter she’s not alone. Jan will have to go through everyone in the family before she can hurt Claire. Belle feels safe with John and Marlena around, but worries Claire could have a relapse. It torments her that Claire suffered and behaved the way she did. She blames herself and Shawn, questioning the way they raised her. John points out the human psyche is a complicated thing and assures her she did a good job with Claire. After Belle leaves, John calls Marlena, worried about where she could be.

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Jan scares Belle on Days of Our Lives

At home, Belle calls Shawn and leaves a message when he doesn’t pick up. She hopes he comes home soon because it’s dark and spooky in there and she’s alone. She turns and sees Jan holding a flashlight under her chin. She says, “But you’re not alone.”

On the next Days of Our Lives: Xander finds Sarah with Philip and Claire comes to Charlie’s rescue.

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