Dr. Rolf lurks in the blackout on Days of Our Lives
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After having sex with Abigail in their bedroom, Chad heads downstairs to check on something. He enters the living room and rifles through the desk drawer for a flashlight. He sees Rolf holding a candle. Rolf says, “Boo!” and chuckles. Chad orders him to leave, but Rolf demands the microchip containing Stefano’s essence. When Chad balks, Rolf pulls out a gun. Chad tells him he doesn’t have the chip anymore because he and Tony set it on fire. Rolf cries as Chad says his father is gone for good this time. Not even Rolf can bring him back. Rolf says if Stefano is truly gone then he must avenge his death. Rolf re-centers his gun on Chad.

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Rolf points a gun at Chad on Days of Our Lives

Back in the bedroom, Gwen visits with Abigail. They talk about Chad and Jake’s feud and Jake accusing Gwen of having ulterior motives with the party. Abigail reiterates how much she appreciates her help. Gwen says she’s looking forward to it, maybe more than anyone else. Gwen leaves her a copy of the menu to go over and then wonders if Jake should still be invited. Abby is hopeful he and Chad can co-exist, believing they’re more alike than they realize. She shares how Chad struggled to find his place with the DiMeras in the beginning too. Getting to know Stefano wasn’t exactly a positive. Abby says Chad is everything Stefano wasn’t. Gwen is sure Abigail had something to do with that and asks how her family felt about them getting married. She notes they had doubts, but he’s a member of the family now. Gwen is happy Chad got a happy second family. Abigail notes her parents weren’t always the ideal couple or this happy. She thinks they’re inspirational though because they prove no matter how bad it gets love wins out. Gwen says seeing them all gives her hope.

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Orpheus grabs Marlena on Days of Our Lives

Eli and Lani have dinner by candlelight at home. Lani can’t stop thinking about why Kristen suddenly confessed to stabbing Victor. She doesn’t think it makes sense. Eli starts to tell her something about Kristen, but Shawn calls Lani to tell her about the prison break.

Marlena is startled by Orpheus sitting in her living room. She warns him John is home, but he knows John is in no shape to defend her. Marlena calls him a fool to underestimate John. She thinks he could be there in a second if she called him. Orpheus suggests they let him sleep so Marlena can have some alone time with him — her worst nightmare. He says he caused the blackout in Salem. Specifically, he brought the cloak of darkness down upon her world. She wonders why. He needs her help and trusts that she will see it’s in her best interest to oblige. She declines, but Orpheus grabs her and threatens John if she doesn’t help him. Panicked, Marlena agrees to help him. Lani knocks on the door. Orpheus aims his gun on Marlena, demanding she get rid of her. Marlena opens the door to Lani who just wants to make sure she’s safe with Orpheus on the loose. Marlena says she’s fine and Lani leaves. Once the coast is clear, Orpheus leads Marlena out of the apartment.

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Ben faces Clyde in hotel room on Days of Our Lives

Ben is shocked to open his hotel room door to Clyde who tells him the breakout was Orpheus’ idea. Ben urgently calls Dr. Evans to warn her. He leaves a message asking her to call him back to let him know she’s okay. Clyde wonders why his son cares so much about Marlena. He responds that Marlena gave him his life back which led him to Ciara. As he emphatically talks about his love for his wife, Clyde tells his son how sorry he is. Ben is dubious, but Clyde wishes he could be at the memorial for him. Ben says he’s probably not going either. Clyde wonders what else he has to do. Ben wants to honor her in his own way. Clyde can see Ben has vengeance in mind. Ben confirms that Vincent needs to pay, as Eli knocks on the door.

On the next Days of Our Lives: John worries about Marlena and Eli questions Ben.

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