Jake and Gwen see something in the dark on Days of Our Lives
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Orpheus, who has just been transferred, finds Clyde in the prison community room. Clyde wants nothing to do with him, but Orpheus says he’s breaking out and he might be able to take Clyde with him. He just needs a small favor first. A desperate Clyde agrees. Orpheus’ associate creates a big distraction for them in the form of a blackout.

Jake enters the main room in the DiMera mansion. He sees Gwen and tells her he heard her talking to Stefano’s portrait. He wonders what she’s up to. He assumes she wants an audience at Jack and Jennifer’s party while she sticks it to someone. She insists she’s just doing something nice for people she likes. Jake doesn’t buy it and hopes Abigail doesn’t either. When the lights go out, Gwen lights a candelabra and hears a noise. Jake has had enough and leaves. Gwen follows as Dr. Rolf appears from the secret room.

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Abigail and Chad turn up the heat on Days of Our Lives

Chad finds Abigail in their bedroom after he avoids Jake and Gwen in the living room. He tells her about his attempt and fail at smoothing things over with Jake at the garage. Since they’re all living together, Abigail suggests Chad figure out how to work with Jake and not treat him like the incompetent help. Chad eventually agrees because he loves her. He will try to be better. Abigail acknowledges there are serious issues that make it hard for him. Chad steps in close and puts his arms around her. He wants them to go away for a few days, but she reminds him of Ciara’s memorial service. Besides, she’s throwing a party to celebrate her mother waking from her coma. Abigail checks on the kids when the lights go out. She returns relaying they’re fine. Chad wonders if she’s spreading herself too thin with the party. She explains Gwen is basically planning the whole thing. It also feels right to Abigail to celebrate. Chad relents and credits her with coming up with a great idea. Abigail corrects him — the party was Gwen’s idea. Chad questions this, but Abigail thinks they could be putting the blackout to better use. They kiss and start to undress.

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Marlena at Ben's side on Days of Our Lives

In his hotel room, Ben looks at a photo of Ciara. He picks up Vincent’s gun and says, “The gun he used to kill you will send him straight to hell. Right where he belongs.” Ben tells Ciara’s picture that she was everything to him. She still is. He puts the gun in his jacket pocket and starts to walk out. Marlena appears. She wanted to see how he was doing and enters his room. Ben panics and rushes to hide the bag. He says he wants to be alone, but Marlena presses him to talk. Ben blames himself for Ciara’s death and rants about Vincent. Worried, Marlena offers for him to stay the night with her and John. He passes. She then offers to pick him up for Ciara’s memorial service the next day. Ben isn’t sure he’s going. He encourages her to leave, promising he’ll be fine. She tells him to call her no matter the time if he wants to talk. Before exiting she asks if he called her earlier and hung up. It wasn’t him. After Marlena leaves, the lights go out. Stunned, Ben sees Ciara, but he quickly realizes she’s not real. Ciara tells him he needs to move on. Ben says he has no reason to. She urges him not to kill Vincent. It’s not who he is anymore. She needs him to stay being the man she fell in love with. He tells her his life means nothing without her. She might not be with him, but she needs him to have faith in her and in them. She wants a promise that he won’t kill again. If he does, her life and love will have meant nothing. Ben says if she was there, he wouldn’t have to kill Vincent. He asks to hold her, but she vanishes as he walks towards her. Ben checks for his gun and heads to the door. Clyde stands there as Ben opens it.

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Ben sees Ciara on Days of Our Lives

At home and in the dark, Marlena shares her worry about Ben with John. She wishes he talked to her or agreed to stay with them. She knows you can’t force someone to open up though. After John consoles her, Marlena sends him off to bed. Later, Marlena walks around the living room with her phone’s flashlight and is startled to find Orpheus sitting in a chair.

Jennifer gets off the phone in the square and tells Jack the source of the blackout is Statesville. Jack worries there could be a prison break.

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