Philip makes secret call on Days of Our Lives
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Tripp returns home to Steve. He assumes Kayla’s not there because she thinks he’s a rapist. Tripp knows the whole town thinks that, except his father. Tripp heads to his room before Kayla returns. She tells Steve she got Henry’s DNA sample. She wonders if they should tell Tripp what they’re doing. Steve nixes the idea. Tripp returns to the living room. He can’t find his toothbrush. Instead of telling him the truth, Kayla says there are extras in the closet. She adds that they should clear the air, but Tripp insists he won’t take the DNA test. He told her the truth, but he knows she doesn’t believe him. After he walks out of the room, Kayla worries to Steve that whatever the results of the DNA test, people they love will be devastated. She leaves to run the test.

Nicole watches as Allie holds Henry on Days of Our Lives

After giving Kayla Henry’s DNA at the apartment, Allie wonders to Nicole why Tripp would agree to the test. She knows the results will prove he’s a rapist. Nicole wonders if Tripp is starting to believe his own lie. After more discussion, Allie feels bad for Nicole missing Eric and for being too wrapped up in her own drama. Nicole assures her she loves having her and Henry there. It makes her not so lonely. Henry cries and Allie happily tends to him. Allie brings him out to the living room. As she holds him, Nicole asks if it’s getting easier being around Henry. Allie admits now that the truth is coming out, it is.

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Still at the hospital, John wants to make a stop before heading home. Marlena says returning to Steve’s is not a good idea. That isn’t what John has in mind. He wants to show her.

John and Marlena talk at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

John brings Marlena to Brady’s Pub and is upset to learn it’s closed. He thought having a beer and a burger would make him feel normal again, but it apparently wasn’t meant to be. Marlena heads inside and talks with Roman. John enters. Roman is thrilled John is out of the hospital, but notices his bandaged hand. John says he had a disagreement with Steve and Tripp. Roman presses for details. Marlena interrupts when John starts to tell him the truth. Roman backs off and offers to make them burgers. Alone, John wonders why Marlena stopped him from telling Roman. Marlena doesn’t think it’s their place to tell him about Allie. John gets more upset as they talk about it. Roman returns to witness John’s heightened emotional state. After John calms down, Roman serves them their burgers. When they’re finished, Marlena suggests pain killers for John’s hand. He says being with her is the best medicine ever. Marlena gets a call from an unknown caller, but they hang up when she answers. John says all he wants to do tonight is hold her all night long. She responds, “Amen to that.”

Xander tries to distract Sarah on Days of Our Lives

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As Sarah tries to get the wine stain out of her dress in their room, Xander suggests he just help her out of it. She playfully pushes him off and yells at him for acting like a caveman with Philip. With a gleam in his eye, Xander says he wants to make it up to her. She tells him to apologize to Philip, then. He doesn’t want to talk to him and tries to get her into bed, but she warns he’ll be sleeping in the guest room. He starts taking off his shirt as he says he just wants to be close to her, nothing has to happen. She thinks he’ll be cold in the guest room without a shirt on. He puts his shirt back on as Sarah encourages him to get out of his own way and let Philip fail all on his own. She still insists he sleep in the guest room. He obliges, but thinks she’ll miss his big caveman arms.

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Downstairs at the mansion, Brady walks in as Philip talks to the mystery person on the phone about Xander. Philip hangs up. Brady needs to see Victor, but Philip puts him off. They talk about Kristen. Philip thinks Kristen deserves to pay for what she did. Brady says he heard him on the phone talking about getting rid of Xander. He wonders who his accomplice is. Philip says it’s none of his business. Brady warns he could tell Xander what Philip is up to since he’s being so heartless about the mother of his child. Xander enters. Brady confronts Xander over what he and Victor did to Kristen and then heads upstairs to talk to his grandfather. Philip taunts Xander over Sarah, making Xander rethink his apology. After Philip goes further to suggest Xander will lose Sarah, the men exchange threats and insults.

Sarah exits her bedroom and sees Brady rushing by. He wonders how she could have gotten back together with Xander. She wonders the same thing sometimes.

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