Steve defends Tripp to Kayla, Marlena and John on Days of Our Lives
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Sarah plans a romantic surprise for Xander in the Kiriakis living room, but Philip appears. Philip bad mouths Xander, wondering how Sarah could have forgiven him for the baby switch. Sarah defends Xander’s actions and asks Philip to at least try to get along with his cousin. Philip says he will because it’s what Victor wants and it’s what’s best for the company. Sarah gets a message from Xander who is stuck at work. Sarah’s bummed because she made a ton of food for them. She asks Philip to join her. After dinner, Philip and Sarah engage in lighthearted banter. He tells her this is one of the nicest nights he’s had since he returned. She asks if he has anyone in his life. He talks about losing Belle and things not working out with Chloe. He admits he’s a little lonely. She thinks his person is out there somewhere. Any woman would be lucky to have him. Xander leans against the doorway and says, “Is that a fact?” Xander grabs Philip which causes his drink to spill on Sarah. Xander orders Philip to stop hitting on his girl. Sarah defends Philip and then stomps out to clean herself up. Xander follows her and Philip says to himself, “Worked like a charm.” Upstairs, Xander apologizes to Sarah for having attacked Philip, but he doesn’t trust his cousin. Meanwhile, Philip is on the phone telling the mystery person that if he keeps poking Xander, “He’ll do something stupid, and father will fire him once and for all!”

Philip in the middle of upset Sarah and Xander on Days of Our Lives

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After Steve opens his front door to John, John punches out Tripp for what he did to his granddaughter. Steve struggles as he tries to restrain his friend. Enraged, John tries to punch Steve. Marlena and Kayla arrive and learn what John did. John continues to rant at Steve and Tripp. Marlena ushers him out when John brings up Kayla’s rape. Tripp apologizes, but Steve says it’s not his fault. Kayla looks devastated. After Tripp continues to proclaim his innocence, Kayla suggests they do a DNA test. Tripp balks, but Kayla thinks it would put this whole thing to rest if he’s telling the truth. “If,” Tripp spits at her. Kayla suggests they do it right then, but Tripp passes and walks out. Kayla wonders why Tripp overreacted like that. Steve thinks he’s hurt she might not believe him. Kayla counters that he might have something to hide. Steve gets an idea and gives Kayla Tripp’s toothbrush so she can run the test.

Steve restrains John on Days of Our Lives

Back at the hospital, John explains to Marlena how he lost it on Tripp. He had to hurt him for Allie. John insists he knew exactly what he was doing. He has zero regrets. Marlena is worried about John and his friendship with Steve. John reminds his wife that Tripp is Ava’s child, that he tried to ruin Kayla’s career, and that he held a scalpel to her throat. Marlena says Kayla wants to keep an open mind until the facts are in and they should do the same. She also reminds John that he stood up for Brady when he was accused of things in the past. “He never raped anyone,” says John. With his release papers signed, John goes home with Marlena, but refuses to let go of his anger toward Tripp.

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At home, Nicole asks Allie if she’s avoiding her son when she won’t go to Henry when he cries. Allie gets defensive, so Nicole goes to the baby. When Nicole returns, Allie admits it’s hard for her to be around Henry. She recalls how she had no one to talk to when everything happened so she just went into denial about being pregnant. Nicole wonders if some part of her wanted the baby since she never looked into getting an abortion. Maybe, Allie says, but she knew she wasn’t prepared to raise him. Every time she looks at Henry all she can do is think of her horrible night with Tripp. Assuring Allie she’s not a bad mom, Nicole promises to be there every step of the way. Kayla shows up at Nicole’s wanting to get a DNA sample from the baby. Allie agrees to it.

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Charlie is disappointed to find Brady’s Pub is closed. Claire walks by and explains the pub is closed due to Ciara’s memorial. She can’t believe she’s gone. Charlie is sympathetic when she talks about their complicated history. He’s glad he ran into her because she never called him. He remembers her being disturbed by her ex-boyfriend when they met. She tells him what happened with Tripp and Allie. He can’t believe anyone could do that, but admits that he’s sort of glad Allie no longer considers Tripp dating material, because it might mean he has a shot. Tripp interrupts and tells Claire that he didn’t rape Allie. Claire says Tripp should stay away from the memorial for Ciara because nobody wants him there. When Charlie interjects himself, Tripp storms off. Charlie says he’d walk Claire home, but he has to get to the office.

Next week on Days of Our Lives: Salem experiences a blackout and an alliance is formed.

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