Steve questions Tripp on Days of Our Lives
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At the Salem PD, a furious Belle demands to know why Kristen changed her plea. Brady says she did it so her daughter can be proud of her one day. Belle warns she could go away for a really long time. Brady and Kristen ask Belle to talk to Trask about a lighter sentence. Belle isn’t hopeful, but will do what she can. After Belle leaves, Kristen thanks Brady for not telling Belle the real reason she confessed. Brady isn’t happy Eli strong-armed her, but thinks they could use that to get Melinda to go easy on her. Kristen won’t let him say anything so Eli, Lani, and the babies will be okay. Brady wonders what about their happy ending? Kristen tells him whatever happens, she will cherish the times they’ve had together as a family. Brady won’t give up. Belle returns. She talked to Trask. They will meet with the judge to figure out how to proceed. She’ll come back to update them. After his sister exits, Brady tells Kristen they should get Rachel and leave town. Kristen can’t believe he wants to run now. Brady says they’re out of options, but Kristen can’t do that to Lani. Besides, she is guilty. Belle returns. A guard is coming to take Kristen into custody while they wait for final sentencing.

Kristen pleads with Belle at the station on Days of Our Lives

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As Nicole folds laundry in the living room, Allie asks if she’s heard from Detective Price about Tripp. Nicole thinks they’re still trying to figure out what they can legally do. Allie worries that Tripp can visit whenever he wants. Nicole asks if Allie wants to feed the baby. Allie declines and rushes out to see her Grandpa John. She passes Lucas as she exits. Lucas asks Nicole why Allie ran off. Nicole says Allie is dealing with some things. She dances around it, but Lucas demands answers. Nicole is sorry she is the one to tell him this, but his daughter was raped. A shocked and teary Lucas demands to know who did this. Nicole says it was Tripp. A heartbroken Lucas won’t let him get away with it and then realizes that’s how Henry was conceived.

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Steve and Kayla question Tripp on Days of Our Lives

At home, Steve tries to track down Tripp, who he hasn’t heard from since the police station. Kayla wonders if Tripp took off to avoid arrest. Steve is adamant that his son is innocent. Tripp returns, explaining he lost track of time while sitting by the lake. Steve relays that he knows about Allie’s accusations. Tripp insists he’s innocent. He explains he talked to Allie, which Steve thinks was a bad move since it could look like intimidation. After more questioning from both Kayla and Steve, Tripp pleads with them to believe him. Kayla gets paged to the hospital and leaves. Steve assures Tripp he’s on his side and Kayla will be too. Tripp wonders why Kayla didn’t just say that. Steve asks him to go over that night again. He recounts what happened and Steve asks if Allie fell asleep in her clothes. Tripp says not exactly. He insists she took off her clothes herself and got into bed. Steve asks why Tripp left out that part before. Tripp didn’t think it was important and asks if Steve still believes him. Of course, Steve believes him, but he says Tripp needs to be open and clear about everything from now on. Steve hands him paper and tells him to write down everything he remembers. Tripp hates that Kayla thinks he could be capable of this. Steve says it’s understandable with what she’s been through, but thinks she’ll be in his corner.

Marlena finds John crying in his hospital bed over the article about Kristen’s arrest. He assumes he’s having one of his mood swings, wondering when it will end. Allie enters. John cries again and hugs her. Allie shows them photos when they ask about Henry. John and Marlena gush over them leading Allie to tell them she was raped by Henry’s father. John grows more agitated as she explains everything that’s happened. Allie gets upset and leaves. Marlena follows her to the elevator and suggests they talk about it privately, but Allie just wants to forget. She can’t even look at Henry without remembering that Tripp raped her. Kayla walks up and tells Allie she’s sorry she’s going through this. Allie defensively assumes Kayla believes Tripp and rushes off. After talking about the situation, Marlena asks Kayla to sign John out of the hospital but he’s not in his room.

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John punches Tripp on Days of Our Lives

As Lucas thanks Nicole for being there for Allie, she returns to the apartment. Nicole leaves them alone. Allie cries as Lucas embraces her and assures her it’s not her fault. He asks what she needs from him. She just needs to know that he believes her. Of course, he does. He’ll always believe her.

John arrives at Steve’s and promptly punches Tripp.

Next week on Days of Our Lives: Xander reaches his breaking point and Charlie comforts Claire.

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