Kristen opens door to Eli on Days of our Lives
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At the garage, Chad interrupts Jake complimenting Kate. He admits he may have been taking stuff out on Jake that wasn’t his fault. Jake thinks Chad had every reason to hate their brother, but he’s not like Stefan. He doesn’t want to cause trouble; he just wants his part of the DiMera pie. Chad agrees he’s entitled to his share. Jake excitedly suggests they become co-CEOs. Chad wonders if he’s out of his mind. He offers him a spot in the executive training program. Jake is outraged, but Chad reminds him he has no experience except with cars and the mob. Jake shouts that he’s the older brother — he’s the heir, and Chad is the spare. Kate tries to smooth things over as they argue, to no avail. Chad storms out.

Chad interrupts Kate and Jake on Days of Our Lives

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In the DiMera mansion, Gwen convinces Abigail to plan a huge party for Jack and Jennifer. Gwen will even help and suggests holding it at Julie’s Place. Abigail hesitates because she hasn’t been back there since she was drugged. Gwen flashes back to putting the drug into her champagne. Gwen says she can’t imagine anyone doing that to Abby because everyone loves her. Abigail remarks how nice it is having Gwen around. Gwen is thrilled to hear it, considering she feels like she’s intruding. Abby assures her no one feels that way. Gwen expresses how grateful she is for their friendship. They excitedly finalize their plans for the party. Gwen’s smile fades as they embrace. After Abigail has left, Gwen talks to Stefano’s portrait. She says the party will be a night everyone will remember. She walks out of the room as Jake appears. He looks concerned as he watches Gwen leave.

Abigail and Gwen talk at the DiMera mansion on Days of our Lives

Kate follows an angry Chad to Julie’s Place. Chad tells her he doesn’t want Jake anywhere near his company or his wife.

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In the Square, Brady talks with Jenn and Jack about Kristen’s trial. As Jennifer gushes over Rachel, Brady gets a call from Marlena who can’t babysit anymore. Jennifer and Jack offer to fill in. Brady thanks them and reminds them Rachel needs her anti-rejection meds soon. Jack and Jenn sit at a table after Brady leaves for court. Jennifer feeds the baby recalling how Abigail used to fuss the same way. Jack doesn’t remember because he wasn’t there. Jennifer apologizes; she wasn’t thinking. Jack reminds her he was the one who abandoned them. So, no need to apologize. Jenn says he’s there now and that’s enough. He doesn’t think he’s been a great father, but Jennifer assures him Abigail loves him. So does she. Abigail finds them and tells them to clear their calendars for the party she’s planning. She says it was Gwen’s idea.

Jack and Jennifer run into Brady and Rachel in the Square on Days of Our Lives

Eli shows up at Kristen’s door. He tells her he taped her confessing to stabbing Victor. Kristen can’t believe he tricked her. Eli says he didn’t have a choice and explains about Trask’s blackmail. Kristen wonders why he brought the confession to her instead of Trask. He knows Lani will never forgive him if he sends Kristen to prison, but if he doesn’t hand over the confession, Lani will be sent away. There’s a third option, though. After hearing it, Kristen says she loves Lani, but she won’t lose her little girl. Eli says she may not have a choice. Kristen disagrees. She can leave town. Eli reminds her Lani risked it all for her and guilts her over not doing the same. He and Lani finally found their happiness, and now they need her help. After more pleading, Kristen agrees to his plan.

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In the park, Eli erases Kristen’s confession. He says, “Thank you, Kristen.”

Lani meets with Trask in the Salem PD interrogation room. She appeals to her on Kristen’s behalf. Lani relates to the grief Kristen felt, sharing how she lost David. She doesn’t think Melinda can imagine that pain, but the D.A. says she can. She recounts how she gave up Haley at birth and how she had to pretend like she wasn’t her mother when she became an adult. Lani wonders if Melinda wants to continue the cycle of pain or does she want to be the one who ends it. Lani embraces Melinda, who breaks down over the memory of Haley. Brady enters, wondering what’s going on. Kristen enters and confesses to the attempted murder of Victor Kiriakis.

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