Xander is unhappy to see Jan on Days of our Lives
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In the interrogation room, Justin tells Steve about Allie’s allegations against Tripp. He isn’t sure he can defend Tripp given that Sonny is Allie’s brother-in-law. He adds that the case might be moved to London.

Nicole talks with Kayla at the hospital on Days of our Lives

At the hospital, Nicole overhears Kayla giving Tripp a good recommendation on the phone to the medical school. When she hangs up, Nicole fills her in on what Allie claimed happened. Steve shows up. In Kayla’s office, he defends his son but Kayla tells him men and women often have different opinions on what assault means. She relays that Tripp admitted he might not be as different as everyone hoped and that he set up Ben for the fire. After debating the issue, Steve says it hurts him that Kayla chooses to believe someone she hardly knows over his son.

Nicole protects Allie from Tripp on Days of our Lives

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At Nicole’s, Tripp swears to Allie they never had sex. “I liked you!” he insists, adding that he left his name and number by her bedside. Allie never got the note. Besides, if he was such a gentleman, how did she wind up pregnant? He suggests another guy had to have been involved. Tripp points out that he had no interest in having sex with a woman who was as intoxicated as Allie was that night. Nicole returns as their argument escalates. Tripp implores Nicole to get Allie to tell the truth. Allie says she already did. Nicole orders Tripp to leave. He obliges and Nicole embraces Allie. Nicole makes her some tea as Allie says she can’t get over how truly shocked Tripp seemed by her accusations. Nicole asks if she’s absolutely sure it was Tripp who raped her. Allie hesitates. She remembers him holding her down and telling him to stop. She just thought he’d say he thought she wanted it or something similar. Instead, he’s saying nothing happened. She points out Henry is proof something did.

Claire trips over Charlie in Horton Square on Days of our Lives In Horton Square, Claire trips over Charlie’s foot and spills her drink all over him. She’s taken with the newbie as they make introductions. Claire fills Charlie in on the men he’s working for at Titan and suggests he seek employment elsewhere, rather than deal with the sharks at his new workplace. Claire then opens up to Charlie about how she thought someone was a good person but it turns out he’s not. He assures her that wouldn’t happen with him—what she sees is what she gets. Charlie hands her his card. He admits he made them himself and that he really wants to make an impression at Titan. After Charlie goes back to work, Claire bumps into Tripp. She lashes out at him for what he did and storms off.

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After Philip tattles to Victor on the phone about who’s behind his arrest, Xander is taken to task for what he did. “Damn it Xander,” Victor says, “I thought you’d grown up enough to share authority. Obviously, I was wrong!” Victor fires him and then suggests, “Next time you’re going to hire a woman to do your dirty work, make sure she’s not a homicidal maniac like Jan Spears!”

Jan talks with Victor at the mansion on Days of our Lives

Jan enters the Kiriakis mansion, as Victor hangs up with Xander. Victor says he understands she got Xander to file false charges. She says, “Those charges aren’t false. You can listen to it yourself.” She also plays him Xander’s message telling her to drop the charges against Philip. However, Jan tells Victor you can’t threaten to kill a woman without having to answer for it. Those days are over. Jan passes a rattled Xander on her way out. Xander approaches Victor to present his case. Victor is unimpressed but he knows Xander tried to stop Jan. He will give him another chance. He urges him to work with Philip and to think about something besides himself.

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Charlie returns to work and finds Philip alone in the office. Philip tells him Xander is out and that he wants someone to dump all his stuff. Alone, Philip calls someone to tell them Xander was fired. There’s no one to stand in their way with Titan now.

Next week on Days of Our Lives: Eli struggles, Chad extends an olive branch and new evidence surfaces.

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