Kristen opens door to Eli on Days of our Lives
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Xander smirks as he looks at a report of Philip’s arrest in his office. He calls in Helen but new intern Charlie Dale (played by Mike C Manning) enters instead. Charlie is directed to go out for a protein shake. A smug Philip enters to Xander’s surprise. The cousins bicker leading an uncomfortable Charlie to exit. Philip deduces Xander put Jan up to having him arrested and the men trade barbs. As things escalate, Xander pulls back his arm to punch Philip and accidentally knocks his protein shake out of a returning Charlie’s hands. It ends up all over the intern. Philip cackles as Xander gives Charlie money for a new shirt. Philip sits at his desk and calls Victor to tell on Xander. He then transfers the call to his co-CEO because Victor wants to have a word with him.

Philip, Xander and intern Charlie on Days of our Lives

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Eli comes to Kristen’s hotel room and angrily tells her about Melinda’s blackmail. She feels horrible, but Eli doesn’t give a damn how she feels. He wants to know what she’s going to do to help his wife. She readily agrees to back up his story that Lani was just helping her avoid reporters when she led her out of the station. Eli thanks her and then gets her to recount stabbing Victor. She assures Eli she’ll do what she can to help Lani. Eli thanks her and leaves. In the hallway, Eli pulls out his phone that was recording their conversation. He says, “Yeah, you’re helping her. You just don’t know how much.”

Allie and Claire talk in Horton Square on Days of our Lives

Claire sees Allie crying in the Square. Claire assumes she’s upset over Ciara’s death but that is news to Allie. Claire asks what she’s crying about then. Allie tells her she was raped…by Tripp. Claire’s shocked. Allie admits her memory of that night is spotty but she’s sure Tripp raped her. Since Claire dated him, Allie asks if she thinks he’s capable of it. Claire says he wasn’t like that when they were together. He was sweet and shy in a way but she recalls him framing Ben for the fire. Allie asks if he ever did anything violent. Claire reluctantly tells Allie how Tripp went after Kayla with a scalpel when he first came to town. Claire is so sorry what happened to her and assures Allie she’s there for her if she wants to talk. Allie thanks her and leaves. Later, Claire walks through the Square and trips over Charlie’s foot as he bends down to pick up money he dropped. She spills her drink all over him and his new shirt.

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At Steve’s, Lani says she needs to question Tripp over allegations made against him. It would be better if he came to the station. Steve is livid she won’t even tell them what he’s been accused of. Tripp agrees to go with Lani because he’s done nothing wrong.

Steve visits Justin and Bonnie in Kiriakis mansion on Days of our Lives

Bonnie drops by the Kiriakis mansion to see Justin. He tries to send her away but she informs him she’s giving her entire settlement to Sonny’s new company. Bonnie tells a shocked Justin she feels horrible about what she did to him and Adrienne. She realized he would never believe how sorry she was so she decided to put her money where her mouth is. Bonnie admits it also made her feel good. She knows she looks like Adrienne but she doesn’t have what’s inside her that made people love her so much. Bonnie makes it clear she wants nothing in exchange, except for his forgiveness. Before Justin can respond, Steve walks in demanding to know what Bonnie is doing there. Justin defends Bonnie and then learns Tripp was taken to the station. After Justin has left, Steve orders Bonnie to back off and stay away from all of them. Bonnie shows him the proof of her good deed. Steve softens and thanks her. It would have meant a lot to Adrienne.

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Justin represents Tripp as Lani questions him on Days of our Lives

At the station, Tripp waves his right to a lawyer as Lani tells him Allie accused him of rape. Tripp defensively gives his version of events. Nothing happened except a kiss which he stopped. He insists he would never rape anyone. Justin enters and ends the interview. Lani leaves. Tripp fills in Justin and then storms out. Later, Steve arrives. Justin tells him it’s not good.

Tripp confronts Allie on Days of our Lives

Allie returns to Nicole’s empty apartment. There’s a knock at the door. Allie opens it to an angry-looking Tripp.

At home, Eli plays the recording of Kristen detailing her crime as Lani walks in the door. She tells him about her terrible day and then asks about his meeting with Melinda. He tells her not to worry. Melinda won’t pursue her involvement with Kristen any further.

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