Ben grabs Vincent at the police station on Days of our Lives
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At Nicole’s, Allie tells Lani that Tripp Dalton raped her. When Allie says it happened in London, Lani points out it’s outside jurisdiction. Outraged, Allie asked if Tripp will get away with this. Lani gently says she should have reported it in London. She can’t guarantee anything but she will take down her information and check with the D.A.’s office. With Nicole’s encouragement, Allie recounts her story. Lani asks if Tripp used a condom. Allie doesn’t think so since she got pregnant. She didn’t have sex with anyone else. Allie knows her story looks bad but asks if Lani believes her. Of course Lani believes her but she has to take down all the facts. She assures Allie she did nothing wrong. Allie doesn’t remember much but she remembers saying no. After Lani leaves, Nicole tells Allie how proud of her she is for telling the truth.

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Lani listens to Allie at NIcole's apartment on Days of our Lives

At home, Tripp tells Steve how he met Allie. He thought she was playing hard to get when she initially said no to dancing. He found her later when she was trashed. He insists he hadn’t been drunk and took her home to her flat. Allie was stumbling around and kissed him but he just helped her get in bed. He wrote her a note with his name and number on it and left. He never heard from or saw her again until she slapped him in the park. Tripp can’t understand why Allie was so upset with him. He swears despite being attracted to her all he wanted to do was help her. Steve believes him. Lani knocks on the door. She needs to speak to Tripp at the station.

Lani questions Tripp and Steve on Days of our Lives

In the interrogation room, Melinda tells Eli she will drop the investigation into Lani if he gets her proof that puts Kristen away for life. Eli balks. After more threats, Melinda says she doesn’t want to take down Lani, she just wants Kristen. She murdered Haley and tried to kill Victor and has never paid for any of her crimes. Eli wonders how he’s supposed to get proof. She suggests getting a taped confession and she doesn’t care if he gets Kristen’s consent. He calls that entrapment. She tells him to leave that part to her. Eli knows Lani would never forgive him. Melinda thinks he would be doing his wife a favor if he destroyed her friendship with Kristen. She says it’s up to Eli if his wife goes down.

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Eli looks guilty talking to Melinda on Days of our Lives

In the squad room, Hope asks Vincent if Ciara is still alive. Vincent recalls taking Ciara to Wendy’s house with every intention of doing to Ciara what Ben did to Wendy. Ben seethes. Vincent continues that Ciara fought back and stabbed him with the syringe he was planning to use on her. The drug started to make him think Ciara was Wendy as he drove them to the airfield. When he realized she wasn’t his beloved, he shot her. Devastated, Hope asks if Ciara was alive when the car exploded. Vincent says no. Ben grabs him and looks him in the eyes. Ben says Vincent is lying. Hope pulls Ben off Vincent who insists Ciara is dead. Hope yells at Vincent for killing her daughter. As she leads him away, Vincent tells Ben Ciara’s blood is on his hands. Later, Hope tearfully calls Shawn to tell him of Vincent’s claims. After she hangs up, Ben again declares Vincent is lying. Hope wants to believe that but why would he do it. Ben doesn’t know but points out there is zero evidence to back up his story. Hope goes to get the gun they found at the explosion site. There’s a bullet missing but they don’t know when it was fired. She looks through the forensics report and discovers a bullet casing was found but it wasn’t in the initial report. Ben desperately asks if Vincent was telling the truth. Hope doesn’t know. A devastated Hope walks away. Ben looks at the gun on the desk and says to himself if Vincent killed Ciara he has nothing to live for. Therefore, if Ciara is dead, so is Vincent.

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Hope and Ben talk at the Salem PD on Days of our Lives

Kayla visits Roman as he decorates the Brady Pub for Halloween. They discuss all the family members who have left them this year and grow sad over Ciara’s death. Roman updates her on Hope’s search and then brings up Tripp. Kayla shares her and Steve’s belief Tripp could be the father of Allie’s baby.

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