Abe and Melinda in Horton Square on Days of our Lives
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Abe and Melinda have breakfast together at Brady’s Pub. She thanks him for hiring her back as D.A. but he has some concerns about her trying Kristen’s case. He’s sorry about Haley but reminds her Kristen wasn’t charged with her death. He thinks it’s best if she recuses herself from the case. Offended, Melinda assures him she will stick to the facts and if they exonerate Kristen in stabbing Victor then so be it. Abe is happy to hear it and mentions Lani being friends with Kristen. Abe would like both women to keep their personal feelings out of the case. Melinda gives him her word and they clasp hands. Melinda clears her throat and pulls her hand back. She leaves to check in with Eli as Abe watches her go.

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In the Salem PD interrogation room, Eli stresses out to Lani about the surveillance video of her helping Kristen escape. He has to turn it over to Melinda who will definitely use it against her. Lani worries about going to prison but Eli won’t let that happen. Lani wonders, what if Trask never sees the video? Eli can’t believe she’s asking him to delete the footage. Lani tells him to go to his desk and she’ll take care of it. His hands will be clean. Eli isn’t sold on destroying evidence but assures her he’s in this with her. They’ll figure it out together. He gets a call and steps out to take it. In the squad room, Melinda arrives and asks Eli for the surveillance footage. Lani comes out and hands her the laptop. Eli looks concerned.

Kristen and Brady wake up in bed together. He’s happy to see she didn’t bolt in the middle of the night. Brady reminds her since she’s out on bail they can do anything she wants today. Kristen gets a gleam in her eye and passionately kisses him, but Rachel coos awake. Kristen says there is something she wants to do that’s long overdue.

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Kristen makes request of Marlena on Days of our Lives

Brady and Kristen bring Rachel to the hospital. They run into Marlena. They want Rachel to visit John, but Marlena worries seeing Kristen might trigger one of his outbursts. Brady and Rachel head in while Kristen hangs back. Alone with Marlena, Kristen asks her to help raise Rachel should she go to prison. Marlena is surprised. Kristen explains she’s not asking for herself but for Rachel. Marlena agrees and is thrown by Kristen’s intense embrace. Brady is touched by the scene when he and Rachel return.

Shirtless Jake talks to Kate in bedroom on Days of our Lives

Kate sneaks into Jake’s room and looks through his wardrobe. Jake exits the shower in a towel wondering if he can help her. She explains she is missing a dress and Harold told her it was with his dry cleaning. Jake finds it for her and then Kate discovers an expensive suit among his things. He explains it’s Stefan’s and he wore it for the business meeting Gabi set up. He’s expecting to close that deal any day now. Kate tells him Chad already took care of it. Jake’s furious.

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Chad and Abby face Gwen on Days of our Lives

Abby finds Gwen talking to Stefano’s portrait downstairs at the DiMera mansion. Chad joins them as they talk about his father. Before Abby leaves for work, she thanks Gwen for looking after their kids. Gwen assures her she’s happy to do it. Chad points out they don’t know much about her and with her taking care of their children it’s a good time for her to fill them in. As Gwen starts to open up, Kate enters to relay Charlotte has gum in her hair and Thomas can’t find his backpack. She thinks the nanny should tend to her charges. Abby leaves for work and Gwen heads upstairs. As Kate questions Chad hiring Gwen to watch the kids, Jake enters. He rants at Chad for intervening in his deal. He deserved a chance to make his mark. Chad says Jake deserves nothing and leaves. Kate follows. Abigail returns because she is having car trouble. She sees Jake and rails at him for trying to make her think something was going on between Chad and Gwen. He apologizes but warns her about Gwen, who returns to eavesdrop. She listens as the conversation veers toward Chad. Abigail talks about Chad’s hatred for Stefan and how Jake will have to prove himself. Jake asks if Abigail could go to bat for him with Chad. Abigail can’t promise anything but will try. Alone again with Stefano’s portrait, Gwen gets an idea but has to figure out how to do it.

Kate and Chad dine in Horton Square on Days of our Lives

Chad and Kate have coffee in the Square. Kate and Chad debate about Jake. Kate defends him but Chad doesn’t trust him. Kate offers to keep an eye on him for Chad.

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