Jan files complaint with Shawn on Days of our Lives
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Upstairs in the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah and Xander plan to shower together but are interrupted by a call from Jan. Xander sends Sarah to get started without him. Over the phone, Jan tells Xander she decided to call the cops on Philip. She thinks she’ll end up with Shawn who will be upset when Belle inevitably comes to Philip’s legal aid. Xander thinks it sounds convoluted but as long as it gets Philip out of his way he doesn’t care. Sarah comes out of the shower after Xander hangs up the phone. She tells him to get in the shower so they can go to Maggie’s dinner party. He thinks she’s probably still dirty and kisses her as they both head back to the shower.

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Shawn enters the office at the SPD and finds Victor who is there for Hope. Shawn fills him in on Hope looking for Vincent. They talk about Philip and how Jan is back. Victor can’t believe she’s walking the streets free. Shawn says that makes two of them. After Victor has left, Jan shows up. She wants to file a formal complaint against Philip. Shawn dismisses her, but Jan gets emotional and says she’s in fear for her life. She’s a citizen and he’s an officer of the law. Is he going to do his duty or not?

Victor talks with Shawn at the Salem PD on Days of our Lives

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie tells Philip she’s throwing him a welcome home dinner. She mentions Xander and Sarah are invited considering he and Xander are co-CEOs. Philip rattles off the reasons why Xander is unqualified. Maggie defends Xander and suggests Philip work with him for Victor’s sake. Philip can’t believe she’s Team Xander but Maggie has seen another side of him. She tells Philip Xander is a part of the family and he’s not going anywhere. When Victor gets home, the three of them toast to Philip’s return. Philip then gives Victor a business proposal. Victor reminds him he’ll need Xander’s approval before he can move forward. Xander and Sarah arrive. Xander looks over the deal and says there are risks involved. Philip goes off, but Xander clarifies that he is all for it but one of the company’s partners might be a problem. He suggests he and Philip talk about it another time. Philip remains defensive. Shawn shows up to bring Philip to the station. Xander smirks. Philip can’t believe Shawn is doing this but Shawn points out Jan made a formal complaint. When Shawn pulls out the handcuffs, Sarah looks back unapprovingly at Xander. After Shawn leads Philip away Sarah privately accuses Xander of being behind the arrest.

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Allie confides in Nicole on Days of our Lives

At Nicole’s, Allie learns Tripp is Steve’s son. She thinks it’s too big of a coincidence and assumes there must be another Tripp in Salem. Nicole gets on the computer and searches for an image of him. Allie recognizes him and starts to pour herself a drink. Nicole suggests she tell her what happened between her and Tripp instead. Allie relays how she met Tripp in London at one of the clubs when he was on Spring Break. She was pretty wasted when they danced. It was all a blur but she does remember him asking if she wanted him to take her home. When Nicole gently pushes for more of the story, Allie defensively says they went back to her place, had sex and she got pregnant. Nicole thanks her for sharing that with her. Upset, Allie stalks off to go to bed.

Tripp reels at the hospital as he learns Allie had a baby. Steve does some quick math and asks if he could be the baby’s father. Before Tripp can answer Claire walks up. She tells them Ben and Hope are off looking for Vincent in hopes he can lead them to Ciara. If they don’t find Ciara alive, she wants to plan a memorial service for when they get home. Tripp offers to help with it. Steve wants to finish their conversation but Tripp says they can do it later and walks off with Claire.

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Tripp and Claire sit at a table in the Square. As they look over photos of Ciara at her wedding, Claire shows him one of her cousin Allie. She talks about how pregnant she was and about the whole custody battle. Claire thinks he’d like her if he met her. Tripp says he already has. Jan approaches them asking to talk to Claire. Tripp leaves. Jan takes his seat and tells Claire she was just at the police station. She assumes her parents will say she was stalking Shawn but she wants Claire to know she just wanted to make sure justice was served.

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