Tripp grabs Allie's arm on Days of our Lives
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Lani meets Abe, who is watching Rachel, at Julie’s Place. Lani yells at her father for rehiring Melinda Trask. Abe explains he didn’t know Kristen was in town when he rehired her. The previous D.A. quit unexpectedly and he needed someone who could get up to speed quickly. Lani wants him to fire her because she has it out for Kristen. Abe can’t do that. He believes in letting justice run its course. It’s up to the judge to decide if Melinda can put her personal feelings aside in the case. Lani updates Abe on her and Eli making up and how she doesn’t want to lose him. Abe is happy to hear that. Lani has to go back to work. She asks Abe to watch the baby until after the arraignment where she hopes Melinda will remove herself from the case. Abe wonders what Trask has besides Victor’s statement against Kristen. He asks Lani if there’s something he doesn’t know. Lani assures him there’s not but he looks concerned as she leaves.

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Brady appeals to Trask on Days of our Lives

At the Salem Police Department, Brady unsuccessfully tries to persuade Trask to drop the charges against Kristen. After they debate, she walks into the interrogation room to talk to Eli. She needs him to fill in the holes in Victor’s stabbing case. She grills Eli, assuming someone tipped Kristen off which is why she ran in the first place. Eli looks nervous but says he doesn’t know who it could be. Melinda thinks it’s an inside job. She wants Eli to gather a full account, including security footage, from what happened that day. She leaves and Lani enters the room. He fills his wife in about Trask’s suspicions.

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Tripp smiles when he bumps into Allie in the park. He never thought he’d see her again. Allie, looking less thrilled, says, “Neither did I.” She wonders how he found her. He says his family lives in Salem and asks how she’s been. She calls him a son of a bitch and slaps him. He wonders what that was for. She says he’s not worth an explanation and starts to walk away but he grabs her arm. He’s confused over her hostile behavior. He’s thought a lot about her since they met that night in London. She spits back that she has a lot more important things on her mind than him. She tells him to pretend he never saw her and she’ll do the same. She walks off.

John rejects Kayla's apple pie on Days of our Lives

As Steve and John play cards in his hospital room, Kayla enters with homemade apple pie. John dismissively says, “I hate apple pie.” John apologizes and Steve tries to ease the tension by bringing up Tripp. Steve and Kayla leave when Brady arrives. John apologizes in advance if he says anything too harsh. He recounts his recent outbursts and Brady agrees it doesn’t sound like him. John asks about Rachel and Kristen. Brady tells him about Melinda trying the case and how he confessed to Victor’s stabbing. This riles John up who goes off about Victor being the one who should be going to prison. John calms down and then Brady has to leave for the arraignment. At the nurses’ hub, Kayla and Steve talk about Tripp. She tells Steve she supports Tripp finishing school there. She knows he would never hurt her or anyone else. Tripp walks up as Kayla gets paged away. Tripp tells Steve about his run-in with Allie. He learns Allie is a Horton and had a baby.

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Kate visits Nicole on Days of our Lives

At home, Nicole watches Henry. Kate drops by to see how Allie and Henry are settling in. They discuss the custody arrangement and Kate learns the baby’s name. She thinks it’s classic and refined. Kate asks where Allie got the name. Nicole doesn’t think it’s from the father’s side considering how angry she got talking about him. Kate has also noted Allie shuts down when the father is brought up. Nicole blames Sami for going on the attack instead of offering Allie comfort when she needed it. Nicole understands why Allie didn’t want to share her story — she probably felt ashamed. Kate hopes Allie will confide in her now that they’ll be living together. Kate has to run but will be back to see Allie later. Allie returns after Kate has left. Nicole notices she’s upset and asks what happened. Allie says she ran into Henry’s father who she hoped she’d never see again. She says his name is Tripp but she doesn’t know his last name. Nicole wonders if it’s Tripp Dalton.

On the next Days of Our Lives: Jan files a complaint and Allie fills Nicole in on Tripp.

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