Eric says goodbye to Sami on Days of our Lives
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Justin welcomes Bonnie into the Kiriakis mansion. She asks about Sonny then notices he’s distracted. Justin has news about her settlement – the publisher requested a hearing today but she doesn’t have to be there. Bonnie’s encouraged at his optimism about the sentiment and launches into a hug, but Justin warns they could impose restrictions on her. She’s still all smiles. When he steps out she looks at a photo of Justin and Adrienne. After Justin reappears, they arrange to meet over at the courthouse later, then Bonnie stops him from leaving and brings out his lucky cowboy hat to wear at the hearing. She thinks it suits him. Justin quips, “After you, Ma’am!”
Justin has fun with Bonnie on Days of our Lives

At home, Eli’s puzzled at Lani asking him for forgiveness. She put him in an impossible position. Eli regrets lying to her. They go over losing Ciara. Eli wanted to see justice done. Lani feels justice would mean Kristen going free. She recounts that Kristen forced her to arrest her. She believes if it weren’t for her they wouldn’t be together. Eli’s unconvinced. Lani doesn’t want to lose him over this. He says, “You never will.” They express their love and kiss. Lani worries about Kristen being kept away from Rachel. Eli points out there’s no hard evidence against her – if they don’t ask him anything, he won’t say anything about her confession to them. Lani’s grateful. Citing pregnancy hormones, she starts making love to him. Later, Eli agrees the hormones have their upside. They hate fighting but love making up.
Eli and Lani make up on Days of our Lives

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At the SPD, Melinda Trask (played by Tina Huang) reveals she’s back and on Kristen’s case. Brady offers to be prosecuted instead. Belle reveals they rejected his confession. Trask maintains there’s only one murderer in the room – Kristen. Trask hisses that ‘this woman’ pushed Haley down a flight of stairs – she can’t get justice for Haley but she won’t get away with attempting to murder Victor Kiriakis. Brady warns if she pursues this, she’ll regret it. Trask will take her chances. She exits and Brady fumes. Kristen tries to get her mind around having to leave him and Rachel for a long time. Elsewhere, Eli and Lani arrive and Trask informs them she’s the D.A. again.
Brady and Kristen at Salem PD on Days of our Lives

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At home, Eric assures Nicole the baby would be lucky to have her, but she should only do it if it’s what she truly wants. He worries about all hell breaking loose with Sami when he’s not there to protect her. Sami pounds on the door and confronts Eric about leaving without saying goodbye. Eric says goodbye, and slams the door. Sami persists. They argue about her bringing psycho Jan Spears back before Sami announces she’s taking her grandson back to Italy – she’ll be long gone before Allie can stop her. Eric warns her actions could cost her her daughter forever. Sami asked Allie to come with her and feels there aren’t a lot of options. She believes Allie could get custody but she may not be ready. Eric suggests another solution if she can get over herself… After Sami’s heard their idea, Nicole assures Sami she’s on board and is trying to do what’s best for Sami’s grandson. Sami decides she can compromise if it saves her from losing her daughter forever. Eric thinks Sami can sell Allie on the idea. Sami teases he’s annoyingly right all the time and they share a tearful goodbye. After Sami goes, Nicole tells Eric she loves him wanting to make the world a better place and will be counting the seconds until he comes home. They kiss and exchange ‘see ya’ laters.

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In the DiMera parlor, Kate talks to Allie about asking Nicole to raise her son without Eric. Allie goes over being terrified of screwing up her child’s life as Kate points out she loves him and came back to Salem to ensure his safety. Allie thinks about him every day and is worried if she holds him she won’t let go. Katie convinces her to hold him. After, she urges her to continue to be part of his life. Allie’s not sure what she wants but won’t go back to Italy with her mom. Later, Sami arrives and stuns Kate and Allie by agreeing not to take the baby to Italy – she’s willing to let Nicole take custody on one condition – Allie has to live there too.
Kate helps Allie bond with her baby on Days of our Lives

In the park, Justin shows Adrienne the impressive figure the publisher agreed to pay her. She squeals that they’re rich and they embrace. Bonnie then pulls him into a deep kiss.

On the next Days of our Lives: Steve experiences John’s wrath and Ben is hit with reality.

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