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Apparently unfamiliar with how the legal system works, Brady was downright shocked that Kristen had been arrested for stabbing Victor. Before heading to the police station, he swung by the hospital to try and convince Belle to represent his girlfriend. She put up a good fight but ultimately caved when he begged that she do it for him, calling her the best lawyer he knew. “Guilt and flattery,” she replied. “Awesome! That’s a lethal combo!” Reluctantly agreeing to consider it, Belle’s first piece of advice was to warn Brady that if Kristen wasn’t careful with regard to what she told the police, he could wind up being arrested for aiding and abetting.

When Brady reunited with Kristen at the police station, they tried to strategize. He said Belle would maybe possibly probably consider representing her but had to think about it. “I’ve been away for so long that I forgot that everyone in this town hates me,” Kristen said, reality slapping her hard. “Brady, no one is going to be on my side!”

Kristen Arrested Brady Visits Days

Abe comforted a grieving Hope, suggesting she take a break from work, but she was determined to make sure Vincent paid for everything he’d put her daughter through. Later arriving at the police station, Hope wasn’t particularly interested in the fact that Eli had arrested Kristen, instead making it clear Vincent was the only criminal she was looking to have collared. Victor, too, wanted to make someone pay. But unlike Hope, he was blaming Ciara’s spouse. In fact, Maggie found her husband loading a gun, determined to “go to the hospital and kill Ben Weston!” When she pointed out he couldn’t just waltz into the hospital with a gun, he saw the light. “You’re right,” he growled. “I’ll hire someone else to do it!” Proving herself to truly be Victor’s better half, she talked him out of committing hunkicide, although he still lamented not having killed the guy when he’d had the chance. “I failed [Ciara],” the curmudgeon sighed, “and now she’s gone.” Maggie suggested the best thing Victor could do was be there for the people Ciara had left behind, all of whom would be grieving, too. Sure enough, Brady soon entered to ask for help, although not with regard to Ciara. He wanted Victor to help Kristen!

Lani fights with Eli Days

Lani continued blasting Eli for, as she saw it, putting his job above their marriage when he’d arrested Kristen. That being the case, how, Lani asked, how could she ever trust him again? When neither was able to see the other’s viewpoint, Lani stormed off, saying she had to pick up Rachel from the sitter, because someone had to take care of the child. Lani later told Abe about how things had gone down with Kristen’s arrest, only to have her dad — much to her chagrin — side with Eli. All Lani saw, however, was her husband tearing a family apart. “How,” she asked, “could someone who is about to be a father want to rip a child away from her mother?” Offering to babysit Rachel, Abe advised Lani to go work things out with her husband. After agreeing that was a good idea, Lani went to the police station… where she blew off Eli in favor of checking in with Kristen!

At Hope’s place, Claire worked through her emotions regarding Ciara’s death by cleaning her aunt’s home. (Should she need another place to tidy up, I’ll happily provide my address!) Conveniently enough, Jan showed up the moment Shawn left his troubled daughter alone, introducing herself to Claire as a “friend” of her mom and dad’s. Jan even went so far as to say she’d help Claire clean so she and Claire could get to know one another. (Ironically, at that very moment, Kristen was telling Brady that Nicole’d had the right idea when she’d gotten someone to try and kill Victor a few years back. “Where’s Jan Spears when you need her?” she mused.)

Bonding in the way that only two unbalanced chicks can, Claire immediately opened up to Jan, admitting of Ciara, “I loved her so much, but I almost killed her!” Needless to say, Jan could totally relate. Quicker than you could say, “Are there any empty rooms at Bayview?” the two were comparing notes on their past transgressions. Jan insisted she had learned to manage her emotions thanks to therapy, and both said they’d come back to Salem to right past wrongs. Jan hugged a weeping Claire, vowing to be there for her. Cue Belle entering to shout, “Get the hell away from my daughter!”

Eli got a tip that Vincent might have been seen on a bus, and Shawn soon entered with a report detailing the explosion. Sure, he hadn’t actually read it, but he’d been told that the explosion was caused by a bomb that had been remotely triggered. As for Ciara? Well, he’d been too afraid to ask if they’d found her remains. Grabbing the report, Hope quickly scanned the file and declared that it didn’t make sense. “They didn’t find any of her remains!” she said, aghast. “No bone fragments, nothing!” Knowing a thing or two about how rumors of one’s death can be greatly exaggerated (Cruise of Deception, anyone?), Hope theorized that Ciara hadn’t actually been in the car. “Shawn,” she declared, “your sister could still be alive!” But if so, where was she?

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