Kayla gives Marlena news on Days
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At the hospital, Sami finds her mother snuggled next to John. Marlena admits she spent the night, and Sami feels she needs to take better care of herself. Marlena is worried about John, but she also is worried about Sami. Marlena is furious with Sami for unleashing Jan Spears on their family. Marlena warns her that if Jan hurts someone then it’s on Sami.

Marlena angry with Sami

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At their place, Nicole and Eric wake up in bed together. Nicole slept poorly because of the anticipation of the judge’s decision. Eric tells her Sami’s tactics don’t matter because she is a different person now, and they have each other and Holly. He knows they will be good parents to Allie’s baby.

nicole and eric make love kiss in bed days of our lives

In their hotel room, Brady and Kristen finish making love. Suddenly Kristen panics, she needs to pick up Rachel from Lani’s before Eli’s shift end and he sees her.

At Lani and Eli’s, Eli comes home and has to shower and head back to the station. Eli reveals they found Ciara and explains what happened. He heads to the shower and Lani gets a call from Kristen who says she’s on her way to get Rachel. Lani tells her that she has everything under control and not to worry about Eli. Lani tells her to be there for Brady, but Kristen doesn’t understand. Lani has to break the news to her about Ciara. Lani offers to keep Rachel, and she’ll handle Eli. Eli listens from the background, and after the call confronts Lani for her choice of words and getting them mixed up with a criminal and sociopath. Eli points out she’s never paid for her crimes, and he doesn’t want to bring their babies into a world where the bad guys always win. Lani tells Eli that Kristen is leaving soon, and nobody will know she was here, but Eli says he’ll know. Eli decides to go back to the station.

Eli gives Lani upsetting news days of our lives

Justin and Kayla run into one another in the square. Kayla updates Justin on Ciara’s death, and he comforts her with a hug. They sit on a bench, and Justin can’t begin to think about what Hope is going through. Kayla wipes away her tears as they talk about Ciara, and he offers to be there for her as a friend whenever she needs one. Justin is paged and has to get to the courthouse. Kayla has to head to the hospital.

kayla hugs justin town square after breakup days of our lives

Back at Brady and Kristen’s room, Kristen breaks the news to Brady about Ciara. Brady thinks he needs to go see Victor, which infuriates Kristen. She says if he leaves her to comfort Victor then she and Rachel won’t be here when he returns. They bicker about Victor, and Brady thinks he is trying to make amends. Brady points out she never turned her back on Stefano, and he never asked her to walk away from him. Kristen tells him to go if it’s that important to him. Brady says he won’t, and realizes he needs to be there for his dad now. Kristen swears she won’t make him chose between her and his family, and she’s sorry she lost her temper. Brady departs to see John, and Kristen calls Lani. Lani offers to bring Rachel to her so she’s not seen. Lani confesses that Eli knows she’s in Salem, but he promised not to say anything. Kristen apologizes for putting her through this. There is a knock at the door announcing themselves as room service. Kristen says goodbye to Lani, answers the door, and finds Eli there.

kristen and brady kiss and make up after arguing days of our lives

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Back at Eric and Nicole’s, Eric gets a call from Justin, the judge has made a decision.

In John’s room at the hospital, Sami defends her actions to her mother and knows she’s a better parent than Nicole. Sami gets a text and departs for court. Kayla stops by to check in on Marlena and tells her about Ciara. She also informs Marlena that John is making progress slower than they hoped, and the meds are weakening his heart, so they need to bring him out of the coma. Brady joins Marlena later, and Marlena fills him in on the changes in John’s condition. She thanks him for being there and he gives her a hug. Brady and Marlena sit by John’s side, and John eventually opens his eyes and moves his hand.

marlena and brady happy john awake coma days of our lives

At the courthouse, Eric is with Nicole and Justin and is in disbelief over Ciara’s death. Sami walks in and overhears them discussing Ciara’s death and is shocked. Sami blames Ben, but Eric says it wasn’t Ben’s fault. The judge enters and has made her decision and feels none of them are ideal options in this case and points out she knows Sami’s own colorful history. She runs down all the testimonies Sami brought in and that she’s not fully convinced by them. The judge is lifting the restraining order so Eric and Nicole can spend time with their nephew, but rules Sami can have custody of baby boy Horton. She warns Sami not to make her regret this decision.

On the next Days of our Lives: John’s awake but there are complications.

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