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At the mansion, Chad isn’t honest with Abigail about why Jake is convinced there’s something going on between him and Gwen. Chad talks in circles and then admits Jake saw Gwen kissing him. Abigail’s pissed off and Chad starts stammering away. He admits he played along with it. “So you let her kiss you,” Abigail says, hands on hips. Chad thinks it was the only way to get rid of her. Abigail says Gwen sounds a lot like Gabi. Chad says Gwen really did get a raw deal, walking in on Gabi and Jake in bed together. He wants to focus on them. Abby wishes they had no guest room at all. Upstairs, Jake finds Gwen in her room toying with the drug she used to make Abigail hallucinate. He asks why she’s packing. She’s not. She’s leaving their room and moving into Gabi’s more luxurious room so she doesn’t have to share a bed with Jake. She accepted that they’re done and thinks she’s better off without a man in her life. She has a mission. Jake demands to know what it is. He assumes she’s going after Chad. Gwen says, “I’m glad Gabi opened her legs to you,” because it opened her eyes to who Jake is. Chad goes to Jake’s room to tell him to stay out of the deal at DiMera. Chad calls Jake out on blabbing about him and Gwen. Chad was born a fighter and tells his brother not to push him. They argue and Chad tells him to look for a new place to live. Meanwhile, downstairs, Gwen finds Abigail and gets her vial of drugs ready. She approaches Abigail and apologizes for, “You know, what you saw.” Abigail says, “You mean when he was kissing you? Because you know, I didn’t see it. I just heard about that.” Gwen cringes and bites her nails and then apologizes. She wasn’t making a play but trying to make Jake jealous. Abby snidely says that didn’t work well. Gwen underestimated Gabi. Abigail can identify. Gwen asks if that could be their basis for a friendship. They call a truce. Gwen gets them white wine and spikes Abby’s as she bashes Gabi. Abigail doesn’t drink it and when Chad appears, he takes her to bed, leaving Gwen’s attempt foiled.gwen spikes abby's drink days of our lives

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Xander snuggles Sarah by the nurses’ hub and they start making out. Xander bitches about being co-CEO with Philip. At least Brady was somewhat competent. He doesn’t think Philip is his equal. Xander considers quitting. Sarah tries talking him out of it.sarah and xander hospital days

Someone watches Belle at the Horton Square as she talks to her mom on a call about their hope that the swelling on John’s brain goes down and the lead Shawn got on Ciara. The person comes upon Belle and puts their hands around her neck. Belle gasps and throws him down. Philip lands with a thud and an apology. They share a laugh and sit. Belle’s on edge and thought he was Jan Spears. “That’s not at all flattering,” Philip says. He thought she was locked up. Belle tells him Sami got her out of the psych ward. Philip is surprised and mocks Jan. He and Belle laugh about the irony and how small towns aren’t boring. Philip offers a security team. Belle has thought about it but decided not to go that route. Philip shrugs. Shawn’s with her. Belle thinks he has enough with Ciara missing. Philip agrees. His father’s going nuts. They pray Ciara’s found soon. philip belle reunite days of our lives

At Salem Airfield, Vincent’s car blows up and Ben screams out Ciara’s name. Ben tries to rush the car and falls unconscious. Hope screams for Ciara and the firefighters arrive to contain the fire.

Back at the hospital, Sarah and Xander giggle and kiss and Sarah soon hears of an explosion and has to stay late. Later, Ben dreams Ciara’s waking him up but it’s Sarah, who says she’s treating him for burns and smoke inhalation. He flashes to the explosion. Later, Hope looks devastated as she tells Ben the firemen did everything they could.

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Back at the square, Xander approaches when Belle asks why Philip’s back in town and tells Belle it’s because he’s there to steal his job. Belle gets a call from Shawn and learns about the explosion. She runs off.

Belle arrives at the airfield and hugs Shawn as he shakes his head when she asks after Ciara.

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