abby home from mental hospital days
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Chad’s uncomfortable when Gwen hugs him at the DiMera mansion, and more so when Abigail returns home early, wondering why Chad’s brother’s girlfriend is in her husband’s arms. Awkward introductions are made. Gwen says he was comforting her. Chad sends her away and asks Abby why she’s home. She’s done with Florida and the therapy and checked herself out permanently. Chad doesn’t know what to think but Abs needs her life back and asks him not to fight her on this. He’s not. He missed waking up to her daily. They kiss and she thanks him for keeping her connection to the kids strong. They share their love for one another and Abby’s psyched to be home and goes upstairs to see the kids. When she returns, Chad explains why he invited Gwen to live with them. Abby calls it generous, especially to a virtual stranger. Chad says they’re friends but that Abby’s the only one for her. Abby insists she’s not jealous but is curious about how they became friends.

abby home from mental hospital days

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Steve’s rocked to find that the man he thinks is an intruder in his home is Tripp. He hugs his son happily and Kayla comes out with a bat in her hand. She squeals with delight and they admit they’ve been missing him. They discuss getting dinner and fill Tripp in on Ciara being missing. Tripp looks anxiety-ridden at the news. Kayla will check on Hope and meet them at the pub. Once she’s gone, Tripp reveals he’s not returning to California. He’s in the accelerated program and still wants to become a doctor but wants to transfer to Salem U. He missed home. They touch base on Haley’s death and him honoring Haley’s memory by working at the same hospital. Tripp reminds his dad that he tried to ruin Kayla’s career at one point. Steve knows Kayla’s over that. She understood that he once thought she was responsible for Ava’s death.tripp hugs kayla and steve days of our lives

At SPD, Claire overhears Shawn telling someone that he can’t believe they let “her” out of that “looney bin” and that she needs to be locked up again. Claire assumes he’s talking about her. Shawn disconnects and explains it’s about someone else. He has full confidence that his daughter is better. They discuss Ciara’s case. Meanwhile, Jack and Jennifer find Hope in the interrogation room and share their concern over Ciara gone missing. Hope says Eve can’t get in touch with Vincent and insists she has no idea of where he’d take Ciara. Since he hasn’t made contact or demands, this mustn’t have anything to do with Eve’s plan. Vincent must have his own vendetta against Ben. Eve knows he lost someone close to him but they did a background check. He had no wife or child. Later, Jack goes off to talk to Shawn about the case while Kayla turns up and comforts Hope. After some quick searching, Shawn and Jack find a marriage license for Vincent and Wendy Taylor. They rush to tell Hope and Jennifer recalls the name. She was the one who helped Abigail give birth to Thomas. Hope and Shawn do more sleuthing and take off on a hunch.hope and jenn and jack and shawn learn about vincent's history days

At the abandoned house, Ciara asks Vincent when the last time he ate and slept was. He tells her to shut up. She asks what he’s going to do with her. Vincent looks at a photo of Wendy, Ben’s victim, who was Abigail’s nurse and Vincent’s fiancee. Vincent says this was Wendy’s house and the only thing he has left of her. He should take Ciara out back and shoot her like a dog, the way Ben did to Wendy. The more Vincent talks, the more bitter he becomes and thinks Ciara deserves to die for not letting Ben die. He whips out a syringe and tries to inject Ciara but she knees him where the sun doesn’t shine and elbows him and thrusts the needle into him. She tries to escape when Vincent attacks from behind.

ciara beats on vincent days

Claire runs into Gwen at Julie’s Place. They talk about Ciara’s kidnapping. Claire wishes she could do something. “Like what?” Gwen asks. Claire doesn’t know – she just feels bad. Gwen thinks that means she has a good heart. Gwen could use a friend and opens up about her break up with Jake. Claire says it’s a “total bummer” but she’s better off without him. It’s not as if it’s the first time they’ve broken up and reunited. She offers her to stay at the townhouse but Gwen speaks up about Chad letting her stay at the mansion. Talk turns to Claire’s relationship with Tripp. Claire cringes at how obsessive she was. She’s glad he moved away because he’s the last person she wants to see.Claire friendly with gwen about break up days

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Jack and Jennifer rush into the DiMera mansion to greet Abigail. They thought her doctors were against her leaving the hospital. Abigail relays what she told Chad. They’re excited to see her but give her time alone with her husband. Once they’re gone, Abby learns that Gabi left Salem. Neither is sorry. Chad says the threat to Abby is over.abby reunited with jack and jenn days of our lives

Kayla arrives at the pub.

As Abigail and Chad catch up at home, thinking they’re safe, Gwen sits alone at Julie’s Place, remembering being in the same place when Abigail and Chad ordered champagne…

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Hope and Shawn bust into Wendy’s house but Vincent and Ciara are gone. Later, in Vincent’s car, Ciara asks if he’s going to hurt her, Vincent tells her, “I’d never hurt you, Wendy.”

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