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In his room alone, Jake drinks directly from the bottle and cries that he knows nothing about trying to make a woman like Gabi love him. He takes another drink and thinks she was using him the whole time. Gwen pokes her head in and finds him “sloshed.” He reminds her he told her to move out. Gwen says Chad invited her to stay as long as she likes. Jake laughs but she’s serious. Gwen asks if he and Gabi were out celebrating last night. Jake yells that he was alone last night. Gabi left town. Gwen taunts him about it and Jake admits that Gabi told him she loved Stefan and he could never take his brother’s place. Gwen can’t help herself and begins to laugh. Jake is offended but Gwen asks if he doesn’t think he deserves it just a little. She’s in love with him. She tears up and asks him to beg for forgiveness. If he tries hard enough, she may take him back. Jake says, “Gabi or no Gabi, we’re never getting back together.” Gwen tells him this is what he always does. Cheats on her and then she takes him back. That’s their dance. Jake says this is the first time he’s ever cheated on her and their ‘dance’ is wearing on him. Gwen blurts that it’s fine. She doesn’t want him back anyway. She’s decided to go after Chad. Downstairs, Kate doesn’t think Chad needs to see Jake as a threat. He has no business sense. Kate thinks Chad should kick Jake and his money-grabbing girlfriend out of the house. Chad says legally, the house is still Gabi’s. Kate’s annoyed when Chad admits he’s letting Gwen stay. Kate hopes he hasn’t developed a thing for “that woman.” Chad admits Gwen kissed him just to make Jake jealous but that’s all there was to it. They discuss Gabi. Kate will miss her, even though she went overboard with making Abigail think she was crazy. Chad says Abigail’s better but not 100%. She’s still hallucinating and the doctor says it may never go away. She’s learning to manage and the medication is helping. Chad and the kids miss her. She goes upstairs and hears Jake smash an empty bottle of booze. He eyes her full glass and she tells him to get his own downstairs. Downstairs, Gwen appears and tells Chad that Jake still doesn’t want her though Gabi’s gone. Chad’s sorry. He knows she loved him. Gwen cries and hugs him. Chad leans back but lets her just as Abigail walks in to see the display. She says, “Hi honey, I’m home.”

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Eli arrives home to Lani babysitting a little girl. Eli makes the baby laugh and jokes with her until he learns she’s Rachel. He asks what the heck she’s doing with Kristen’s child. Later, Lani puts the kid to bed and Eli blasts her for not turning Kristen in. Lani argues that Kristen’s her friend. Eli reminds his wife that they’re “cops 24/7, not just when it’s convenient.” Eli tries to put out an ABP on Kristen but Lani stops him. Lani admits this isn’t the first time she saw Kristen. She saw her on their wedding day. Frustrated, Eli’s not happy to be in on this secret. Lani reminds him if he arrests Kristen, Rachel won’t have a mother. Eli isn’t happy but agrees to keep quiet. “I guess the department has bigger problems than Kristen anyway.” They also don’t have a police commissioner. He tells her about Rafe leaving the country. Lani’s sorry to hear, but they’re both equally glad Gabi’s gone with him. Eli has to get to work so Lani apologizes for lying to him and he vows not to spill the beans.

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Kristen surprises Brady at Salem Inn. She hopes he’s happy to see her but he’s immediately on edge. She’s risking being arrested. She knows but had to find out how John was. Brady fills her in and appreciates her wanting to be there for him but Rachel needs her. Where is she? When he learns she’s with Lani, Brady blows up. Eli’s no friend of Kristen’s. If he finds out she’s there, they’re both screwed! He thwarts her advances. He needs her to get Rachel and leave town. Brady has loved traveling around with her and Rachel and watching her grow and change. As they talk, Kristen gets playful and a massage for Brady turns to sex. Later, they discuss Sami being in ‘high gear’. Kristen laughs. That’s not news!

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At home, Steve and Kayla are missing their kids after reading a postcard from Stephanie and her boyfriend. They only get to see Joey once a week and Tripp’s all the way across the country. They get romantic and head into the shower together. Later they lie in bed and kiss, grateful for their time alone together. Meanwhile, somebody lets themselves into the condo and looks at their wedding photo. Later, they dress and get playful while they discuss ordering takeout when a crash comes from the living room. Steve goes to check on the noise. He finds the person cleaning up the mess and it turns out it’s just Tripp, his son.

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