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In the hospital, as soon as Shawn sees Jan Spears, he tries cuffing her. She tells them she was released from Shady Pines. There’s proof in her purse. Shawn takes it out and Belle recognizes the judge’s seal. It’s legit. Jan says she’s seeing a therapist and hopes Belle’s mama is available. Belle scoffs at that. Her mom knows Jan conned her last time they were in therapy. Jan lets Belle know that Sami gets credit for her release. Jan explains that she was Sami’s secret witness. Shawn is shocked that Sami greased a judge in order to win the custody case. Belle believes it. Jan takes off and Belle is so angry, she tells Shawn to take Claire out of town so he’s not there when she kills Sami. Eric finds Brady praying in the chapel. They men clasp hands and discuss there being no change in John. Eric rants about what Sami did to him in court and Brady takes responsibility since he was the one who taped Nicole’s confession. They discuss where Brady’s been and how Rachel’s doing. Brady tries to alleviate his brother’s concern for the child he once thought was his. Brady tells Eric that his place is in Salem, but Kristen will be thrown in jail if she turns up there. Upset, he goes to his hotel.

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At SPD, Ben remembers everything that happened to Ciara. Vincent told him to kill her and when he didn’t, the man drugged Ben. Hope appears and Marlena relays that Vincent took Ciara. Marlena toddles off to put out an APB. She returns when Marlena leaves and she and Ben commiserate over their worry for Ciara.marlena and ben spd days

In some nasty basement, Ciara wakes up groggy, and unable to get up. She has questions for Vincent. He shares that he drugged her and stashed her in the trunk of his car since Ben couldn’t kill her. He assures her she’s been sleeping unmolested. Ciara tries to bribe him with her grandfather’s money but he’s not interested. He’s angry that Eve sang like a canary about their entire operation and seething, reveals his reason for wanting Ben Weston to murder her is because he needs to pay for shooting the woman he loved, Wendy Taylor, Abigail’s doula. He saw the crime scene photograph. Ciara cries. She’s sorry. She’s sorry she forgot about Wendy. She’s sorry about “what happened to Wendy,” and Vincent spits that it didn’t “happen” to her. She was struck down by the love of Ciara’s life.

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Sami returns to the townhouse to relieve Lucas of babysitting duties and explains that the judge recessed today. They’ll resume court tomorrow. Sami’s confident she’ll win. Sami admits she broke Jan out of the mental hospital so she could corroborate with her on the custody case. Lucas is astounded at the lengths Sami would go through but Sami thinks what she did was genius. Lucas puts the baby to bed and argues with Sami about her machinations. He can’t believe she let Jan Spears loose on the world. Belle arrives and blasts Sami for unleashing Jan on her sister. Sami denies she did that. “I wasn’t thinking of you.” Lucas sighs. “That much is clear.” They argue about whether or not she’ll win the case and Sami snidely says she didn’t even go to university and already she’s a better lawyer than Belle. Belle slaps her sister across the face and Lucas cringes. Belle apologizes. Sami says she shouldn’t have insulted her. Belle says that’s not the issue. Sami says Jan was about to be released anyway but apologizes. Belle calls her out on apologizing for the things she does after the fact instead of thinking about how it’d affect her and Shawn.belle slaps sami days

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Marlena returns to the hospital to fill Belle and Shawn in on what happened with Ben’s hypnosis. They’re relieved Ben didn’t murder Ciara but worried about where she is. Belle leaves and Marlena and Shawn share their anger over Jan being released. Jan pops up and greets Marlena and asks if she’s receiving patients. Marlena shoots her down fast and takes off to see how Eric’s doing at the chapel.

At Salem Inn, Brady’s shocked to see Kristen.

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