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At the hospital, Belle learns from Marlena that Brady’s back. They discuss how Ciara’s been missing. Marlena feels bad because she canceled Ben’s last appointment, knowing he was in crisis.

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Claire arrives at Salem PD to ask Hope if there’s been news about Ciara, while Shawn interrogates Ben. Hope tells Claire that Eve found some humanity after discussing Hope losing Zack. And now, they’re hopeful that Shawn can jog Ben’s memory. Claire feels it in her heart that Ciara’s fine. They embrace. Back in interrogation, Ben says his life will be over if he hurt Ciara. Shawn agrees, with a threat of his own. “Damn it, Weston, I will beat the truth out of you.” Hope rushes in and interrupts. Claire stays with Ben as Hope drags Shawn into the hall. He apologizes for losing it. Meanwhile, Claire and Ben rehash whether or not he has it in him to kill someone.

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In court, Judge Duncan is ready to present Eric and Nicole with custody of the baby when Sami calls on Jan Spears as proof that Nicole tried to kill Victor, years ago. Jan walks in and Nicole’s jaw drops. “Bet you thought you’d never see me again,” Jan tells Nicole, thinking that the circumstances “suck.” Sami says she persuaded Jan to leave psychiatric care to testify against Nicole. Eric shames Sami, and Nicole calls her “mean and vindictive.” Duncan warns Nicole to keep quiet and Sami asks Jan, on the stand, about how she knows Nicole. Jan says she was young and miserable because her parents didn’t love her, according to her shrink. Sami asks her to detail her involvement with Nicole and she reveals how she was “crazy in love” and that Nicole asked her to kill her husband. Jan remembers some of the nasty things she did, like having a rat put into her locker. She should have done worse! Sami gets her back on track and Jan says all she had to do was dump the radio in the tub while Victor bathed. She admitted the old guy didn’t seem that bad to her. She was conflicted and wrote about it in her diary. But then she fell comatose and the attempted murder never came up. Sami gives the diary to the judge and Jan slips out. Justin argues that this is all irrelevant to the case. sami runs the court baby boy horton days of our lives

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Ciara sleeps in some warehouse and dreams about going on a honeymoon with Ben and then later dreams she’s pregnant. She smiles in her sleep and then dreams she’s giving birth and that Ben has his own vintage car repair shop. Later, Ben opens Father’s Day cards from their son, Bo, and things take a turn when he opens his last gift. A necktie. Ben’s upset which causes Ciara to wake up with a start. She sees Vincent hovering.ciara kidnapped by vincent days

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Shawn arrives at the hospital and updates Marlena about Ben not remembering what happened to Ciara. She takes off to SPD to talk with him while somehow, Shawn and Belle just happen to bring up Jan Spears’ name as she pokes her head up. Shawn and Belle are startled to see her.

Marlena arrives at SPD and Claire goes to sit with John while Marlena vows to solve his problem. she hypnotizes him and recalls seeing Vincent yelling at Ben to hurry up and murder her already. Ben remembers! He tells Marlena he remembers everything.ben hypnotized

On the next Days of our Lives: Kristen’s back in Salem.

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