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At the Kirkiakis mansion, both Xander and Philip threaten to leave Titan unless Victor makes them his choice for CEO. Victor’s too worried about Ciara. They’ll talk after his appointment. “In the meantime, try not to kill each other.” He goes and Xandy accuses Philip of using emotional blackmail on his father. He boasts how well he’s been doing running Titan and calls Victor deluded in thinking Philip’s his golden boy. Philip says the reason Vic hired him is that he cheats and lies. He’s immoral. What Brady and Philip did was make a company for his father that he can be proud of. Philip reminds Xander of what he and his dad did to Brady, making him this his son was dead. Philip reminds Xander that he’s Victor’s only child left. He tells him to go back to spreading manure in the garden because that’s the only job he was ever good at. Xander headbutts him hard and PhillyK goes down. “True to form. Once a thug, always a thug,” Philip says once he gets up. He pulls off his jacket, telling Xander he was a marine.

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Marlena’s grateful for Brady’s presence at the hospital when John’s still comatose. Marlena asks where he was – he left no note. Brady reveals he was with Kristen and Rachel. Marlena understands. She tells Brady about John’s prognosis. Brady feels bad for not being there when his dad collapsed. Marlena heard he stepped down as CEO at Titan. Brady discusses the reason and that Kristen wanted to come with him but he couldn’t allow her to be caught. Brady was sad to hear about Ciara. John takes a deep breath in and Brady holds his hand and talks to him.

Brady returns home for jarlena days

Eric tries to comfort a crying Nicole at home. Eric knows she has a right to be angry with him over telling Sami the truth about her murdering Deimos. She says there’s nothing to forgive. He lied in court to cover for her and says Sami’s right that she turned him into someone unrecognizable. Eric denies she’s done that. Nicole wants to drop their petition for custody. He tries to convince her otherwise and she whines. Justin shows up to take them to court.

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At the townhouse, Sami threatens someone on a call, bribing them. She appreciates if they’d give ‘it’ their consideration. She disconnects when Will and Sonny arrive to say goodbye. They’re leaving Salem today. Sami tells them, “The hell you are!” Everyone’s leaving and she’s feeling sensitive. What about Gabi? They tell Sami about Gabi visiting her sick mama in Mexico and Sami blows up, hoping they’re not taking Ari. Will says not to worry. Sami brings up John’s coma. Will says Grandma gave them her blessing and they need Sami’s. Sami’s happy for them and apologizes for her part in keeping them from getting custody of the baby. Sonny’s thankful. It wasn’t meant to be. Sami receives a call from Judge Duncan. A decision has been reached. Sami’s sorry for “all the things” and for how “young and foolish” she was and how she made mistakes. Will is going to miss her. They profess their love for each other and Will hugs his mom. She leaves them with the kid without a name while she goes to court. They fawn over the baby and Sonny really does think things worked out for the best. They’re about to give Ari a new life in Arizona. Will thinks another baby and a dog might be in their future. They embrace.

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In court, Sami reveals that her brother lied about Nicole killing Deimos. Sami has additional proof of Nicole’s wrongdoings over the years. Sami calls to the stand Victor Kiriakis. He’s there to discuss his murder. Justin objects but Duncan asks Vic to elaborate. Victor admits he married “that black widow,” Nicole, who was desperate to get a hold of his money. When she didn’t, she pushed the issue. When he was bathing, he was almost electrocuted by a radio dropped into his tub. Justin thought Jan Spears did it. Victor says Jan was directed by Nicole. Sami says Jan wound up in a coma and was unable to talk about it. Judge Duncan has heard enough and goes to her chambers to consider her decision. Nicole gets in Sami’s face and Eric asks how many times she’s going to cross the line. Sami tells them that Jan Spears is out of her coma. She’s in New York receiving therapy. Duncan returns. She says Sami gave compelling information but there’s a lack of proof. Sami calls Jan Spears to the stand.

Will and Sonny wander the square. Will worries for Ciara and Ben. They flashback to when Will came out and their first kiss, and the first time they made love. They say goodbye to the town – for now.

sonny and will leave salem, saying good bye horton square days of our lives

Victor arrives home in time to stop Philip and Xander from brawling. Victor gives the CEO job to both men. Philip smirks as Xander seethes.

On the next Days of our Lives: Shawn and Belle are confronted by an old foe.

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